Monday, December 08, 2008

In a World Where Up is Down......Linkdump

We have entered an era of utter insanity. We have elected a guy that is so unqualified to be dogcatcher, that there are actually Velvet Elvis artists coming out of retirement to catch the STUPIDITY THAT IS OBAMA. Our presumed president has single-handedly brought back the art of the refrigerator. It can only get much, much worse. I submitted my entry shown to the left, but they turned me down. Wonder why?

Hopefully, Obama will not destroy the country totally, because I am rooting for Emmit Smiff for president in 2012. He is only eight times smarter than our presumed president elect.

A comparison of World War II to the BCS Polling. This article is obviously wrong, because uSCCC and tOSU are not even in the top five!

If you think long and hard, you will remember that the majority of voters thought that the Democrats would be better for the economy, even though that flies in the face of every single tidbit of historical data. And that continues to BE THE CASE. Are you shocked? No, because you are not a moron.

The fun part about Dead Tree Media discussing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is that they have to dredge the depths of stupidity to pin anything on Republicans, yet they seek those facts out. While reading THIS, ask yourself, "I wonder who the other 92% of the wasted money went to?"

Since we have all jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, you should know who to add and who to avoid. You should add me as one of your Tweets (or whatever the Hell it's called), but do not expect the reciprocal add, I am a deadbeat on Twitter.

If you do use Twitter, here's a bunch of Twitter stuff that hepps you out, man.

Today is going to be one of those Monday's, I can already feel it.

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