Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Point and Laugh at the News

It gets harder and harder to keep a straight face while you read news from the standard outlets. Yesterday was the first day that the Clarion Ledger published its truncated newspaper. The bold title line of Ronnie Agnew's article on Sunday stated, "Economy dictates a restructuring of paper's print editions." This is probably not the truth because they have been hemorrhaging readers and advertisers for quite some time. Now, the Clarion Ledger reduces its content by HALF and still charges the same price. That is a great business model when you are the only game in town. The fun part of this is that USA Today will get a little more of the market share because the Clarion Ledger is now not worth the price. Guess what? Gannett owns both papers.

Here's a little bit of weirdness for you. In 1995, the Clarion Ledger added another press line. This doubled their production capabilities. Something happened right around that time that increased the ability to make money, but danged if I can remember what it was. Oh! Only one year after the Republicans took control of the US Congress, the C-L saw the ability to make more money and doubled their output.

Now, barely two years after the Democrats took back the US Congress, the Clarion Ledger's bottom line has diminished so far that they have basically reduced the paper to simply spouting the Leftist propaganda that AP regularly publishes. Is there any correlation? You decide. Could it have possibly been because of their consistent Obama pr0n all the time, wire-to-wire everyday that folks got sick of? NAW!

Note to Ronnie Agnew, who probably doesn't read this blog: When you regularly print stuff from people that hate our country, like Robert McElvaine, Cynthia Tucker, that sound guy moron, and State Representative Moron Mayo, normal folks turn their backs on you. By normal, I mean those folks that love our country, can read, and have a friggin' job so they have money to buy your paper. Plus, killing Thomas Sowell's and Ann Coulter's weeklies probably did not help much either.

On to more fun stuff.

Remember those Jena 6 kids that got arrested and the whole moron universe descended on Louisiana to put up the Rodney King fight for them? Well, the Bible study leader of the group, Mychal Bell, got into yet another bout of trouble this past week. Since the Jena 6 cat herding moron-fest, that is now the third time he dun gitted 'rested.

Just so you know, back in da day, I installed ceiling grid in Pecanland Mall where kissy-face got in trouble. We are practically related!

Last but certainly not least, the dumbfuckingshit, Cynthia McKinney, former Representimoron from Hotlanta, and former Green Party candidate for President, decided to jump on a boat in Cyprus and rush to help out those harmless, little Hamas folks in Gaza. She and like-minded dumbasses loaded a sixty-six foot boat with sixteen activists and three tons of supplies and attempted to run through an Israeli Naval blockade. Wonder how that turned out for the hated-filled anti-Semitic Democrat douchebag? POORLY.

And I just have to link to another McKinney Douchenozzle post, where Van Helsing refers to the former Congresswoman That Attacked Capitol Police as "Zippy the Pinhead."

So far today, I have yet to find any bad news circulating, but it could be because I am laughing so hard at these reports, regarding these three articles, that are trying so hard to make them out to be BAD NEWS.

Be happy, there are so many good things going on today, you know like this blog moving back into the top three blogs in Mississippi. And the very TOP RATED Conservative blog. Enjoy the fact while you can, we'll be back to seventh next week.

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