Monday, December 01, 2008

Return of the Linkdump!

Last week I was pretty much out of pocket because I was being beaten like a rented mule cooking Thanksgiving Feast-o-Rama in Bean's slave galley. With the healing wounds from the lash, I return to dump a bunch o' stuff. Enjoy.

Since our presumed President-Elect is so much smarter than our current President, Barbara Walters has to ask him much more difficult questions than she asked Chimpy McHitlerburton. You know, like "What's your favorite sock color, Obamessiah?" That's because Barry is so damn smart.

And the media thinks that since Barry is BLACK, he is a more legitimate PERSON than if he were white. What kind of moronic logic is that?

Since our new guy is so smart and legitimate, why do you think that he wants to surround himself with people responsible for SHEILDING OSAMA FROM CAPTURE?

During the Bombay debacle, guess how the Muslims found their victims? CNN helped greatly and when they couldn't help pinpoint the victims, the BBC stepped in.

Steve B takes offense that anyone would refer to the Bombay Muslims murdering people and then the media calling the slaughter, "India's 9-11."

Fun stuff here, The New York Time proves that they are moonbattingly insane morons by trying to give credit for the victory in Iraq to Democrats and Obama. WTF?

Remember, Conservatism is dead, folks. That is exactly why Rosie O'Dumbass's show is canceled after ONE EPISODE. Yes, Conservatism is dead. But, even moonbats do not want to watch other moonbats.

From the "Holy shit, they cannot be serious" file, comes the story of "Mr. Banker, you must lend money to minorities even though they cannot repay the loan, but if you foreclose, you have to give them the money to repay the loan." RACIST!

Bean and I had a discussion about my procrastination on building my business site yesterday on the way to the airport. And then I started spilling what I knew about the technology behind stuff and traffic and blah, blah, blah. She admitted that she had no clue that my brain was thinking about all that stuff when I told her what was happening behind the scenes, so I gave her a brief history of the whirl-while wobs. Condensed for your pleasure, I give you the secrets to how you got to this site. When Al Gore invented the Inblaggynetwebs, what he really did was invent MOSAIC.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, The Mayor shows the racism that only he can. Only Black people are allowed to FALL DOWN. Go vote for The Mayor of Racism. Black people are clumsy people.

PS: I have been trying to upload the photos of the humongous spread that I laid out for the chick dinner on Thanksgiving. (Cute shoe talk was in abundance.) Blogger is thwarting my every attempt. Curse you, Blogger!

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