Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Time to Pull an Elway

Y'all probably remember the bragging going on around here a couple of weeks ago about the Mississippi blog rankings that we had received. We also blegged for more support to stay in front of Jackson Free Press and have maintained that accomplishment. But still, we were unable to reach the top of the conservative bonepile. Well, Hell hath frozen ovah! And notice, there are three blogs tied for second! And those are like REAL blogs, too! *Click the image to see it full screen.*

Effective immediately, we are shutting this blog down since we are on top. It is always best to retire a winner. Ask, um, well.....shit can you think of anyone that has retired when they were on top other than that pansy John Elway?

Nah, let's run this damn thing in the ground. We ain't quitting. The authors of this here blog ain't no damn Elways.

And as long as we are tooting our own horn, might as well post this Time 100 List. Check out the second heading, Heroes and Pioneers. You might recognize the name right above someone named "Orpah Winford." At least I think that is what the name is. (Sorry, but you are really going to have to zoom that image, but I wanted you to see the whole page.)

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