Sunday, December 07, 2008

USA Today Aims for Fences, Shoots Self in Ass, Face, and Stomach

Today is the day that the final BCS shall be published. This means that the varying polls that are used to create the BCS Rankings need to get this one right. What polls are used?

The BCS standings formula consists three components, each weighted equally: the USA Today Coaches Poll, the Harris Interactive College Football Poll and an average of six computer rankings (Anderson & Hester, Richard Billingsley, Colley Matrix, Kenneth Massey, Jeff Sagarin and Peter Wolfe).

In the past two years, Jeff Sagarin has been the most asinine poll found in my experience.

This morning I have been hitting F5 every six seconds on my BCS Rankings chart. For some reason, ESPN finds it funny to actually publish the AP Poll as the top poll in its rotation. See anything funny about that? If you said, "The AP is not even used in the BCS.", award yourself eight full pounds of pulled pork, because you are right.

But, at least the AP got their poll right. USA Today? Not so much.

AP has Florida at number one which is a GIVEN people, they won the SEC Championship game. Then they have OU second, Tejas third, Bammer four, and uSCCC fifth.

USA Today has OU FIRST! What in the mortal Hell are they thinking? OU was clearly not even supposed to play in the Big 12 Championship Game, but USA Today has them OVER the Gates? THE GATES WON THE SEC CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! That USA Today is cuh-cuh-cuh-razy.

Then USA Today has Florida second, Tejas third, uSCCC FOURTH!, and Bammer fifth.

You are wondering why this matters because that still puts the BCS Championship game between OU and Gates, but what you fail to recognize is that Jeff Sagarin has been voting uSCCC at first throughout the damn year and the BCS Championship game is decided from points, NOT placement throughout the polling.

There is STILL an outside chance that uSCCC can play for the BCS Trophy. That is friggin' crazy.

Please never purchase another Gannett newspaper.

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