Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wrong-Headed Morondom

What is GOOD NEWS to the writers of The New York Times? It is good news when major building projects STOP. Chew on that for second. WHEN THEY STOP.

From my "Architecture" Google Alert this morning, I get a link to Nicholai Ouroussoff's sandpoundingly idiotic article, It Was Fun Till The Money Ran Out.

Opening quote:
WHO knew a year ago that we were nearing the end of one of the most delirious (Ed Note: "Delirious" because Frank Gehry can find work, but Nicky thinks Frank is da shits.) eras in modern architectural history? What’s more, who would have predicted that this turnaround, brought about by the biggest economic crisis in a half-century, would be met in some corners with a guilty sense of relief?

Obviously, beyond any doubt at all, Nicky is a ground-breaking douche-nozzle and he just happens to be some kind of Times architecture critic, too. But, I repeat myself. And Nicky is crouched firmly in the guilty-relief corner, sucking his thumb and peeing on his belly.

Nicky seems to believe that it is better to build poor folks housing than luxury highrises. Might he be persuaded to allow a friggin' yurt to be built dead in the middle of Park? How about we stretch some animal hides over the decaying skeleton of an elephant, is that good architecture, there Nickster?

Seriously, why become an architecture critic when you do not want architecture to be performed? Yes, I know that there can be extremely efficient apartments built for the poor and they can possess good design qualities, but how do you pay for them and how do you break the mold of the loser mentality that is required to occupy those facilities, WHEN YOU ARE STILL BUILDING MORE AND MORE OF THEM?

Buy a clue, you leftards. You are the ones that are killing this country and crushing the souls of those that desire only to rise from meager beginning and grab on to the success that is offered in this country when Democrats are not in charge.

Closing epitaph:
This is not all good news. A lot of wonderful architecture is being thrown out with the bad. Although most of Mr. Nouvel’s MoMA tower would have been devoted to luxury apartments, for instance, it would have allowed the museum next door to expand its gallery space significantly.

Only a retarded contrarian could write this. Why do you think that there is a need for additional museum space but no need to provide space for people that actually WANT to go to the museums?

Dude, I can only come up with one million things that I would rather do than go to MoMA. Somewhere around number five hundred thousand is getting this done to me by Rampage Jackson.

There is a definitive culture war on peeps, it's time to become armed for the fight. I really don't want to be a slave, do you?

For those of you that are really concerned about getting good news, it seems that The New York Times is probably going to fold WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR. Wonder how that could possibly happen? Anyhoo, Que sera.

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