Monday, January 05, 2009

The 2009 Blogging Machine Cranks Up

Looking back through last year, I realized that I have turned this blog into my historical dumping ground and damn near linked everything that I found interesting in the final six months of 2008. This year shall prove to be similar. As you well know, Blackuary is our big month around these parts, and this year shall be no different. ESPECIALLY SINCE WE WILL HAVE A BLACK PRESIDENT THEN!

Anyhoo, I have been saving a bunch of links in my dump folder and this post shall clear it out in no order, no rhyme, nor reason. Click them all, you shall find something interesting, I promise.

In the most important and intelligent business, this year shall see the realization of Frank Lloyd Wright's Mile High Building planning. It won't happen, but you might find the proposal interesting.

Habitat takes one on the chin. Wonder why there are rats and roaches? Could it be that poor people, that were given something for virtually nothing, do not appreciate their gift? (Hat-Tip: [Dead] Tommy 5)

Does the exterior of a very, very small building really matter? Isn't the compact nature of small spaces the important part? How can we actually know if this even works if we cannot see how it performs? This is part and parcel why the architecture profession is going to Hell in a handbasket.

Part two of the reason for the decline of architecture is that there is not honesty in the field anymore. When you say "air insulation," you mean "NO INSULATION." Also, exactly how does wood stud framing disappear during certain lighting conditions? Well, it doesn't.

Just out of curiosity, how does water drain from this footbridge or does it just spill over the sides?

Newspapermen proudly proclaim, "I'm a moron and you can, too!"

The Democrat Corruption Machine rolls on. Bill Richardson, the last remaining Democrat with any semblance of integrity, is a crook, too. This increases Obama's criminal administration to depths exceeding even that of the Clintons. SHOCKER.

2008's Twenty Most Annoying Liberals. The list was pared down from 53 million.

Motivational posters from Hunter S. Thompson. (Hat-Tip: Christina Jade)

Roy Boehm, the first Navy Seal passed away in December of 2008. More about him, HERE.

One of things that still amazes me about a piece of family property is that piece of property holds my attention just as it did the first time that I saw it. How can one small area of the world, very simple in its makeup, keep your attention for forty years? Nature is always changing, here's a year of the same spot, condensed to forty seconds.

Three solid minutes of ultimate television FAIL. It does explain why my mother cannot grasp the concept of how to operate a cell phone.

With the new year bearing down on us like an eighteen wheeler, hauling logs, with no brakes, we are currently working on a new site design, offered to us from doubleplusundead. Mmmmmm, tasty. What thinks you?

Ditch Crickets.

It is now, January 5, 2009, just fifteen days to go before....

The President of Awesome!

And Andy keeps track of the Obamessiah in a unique fashion
. Follow his link!

Keep hanging around folks, this year is going to be cuh-cuh-cuh-razee!

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