Wednesday, January 07, 2009

And What in the Hell Can You Say?

Corresponding with morons is hilariously funny to me, because you can get a moron to debate anything and be wrong. Plus, they never realize it. Most people would feel sorry for someone that can never accept the truth, but I just accept that about 95% of people are completely beyond any hope of ever looking at the dog bowl.

Issues of the day, what ya' got? Rising crime, lower test scores, bigger government, wasted tax money, all types of deviants walking the streets. What is the solution to one and all of these problems? Follow the damn Constitution. By that I do not mean to listen to idiots that have no clue what the Hell they are doing, I mean FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION.

Before you folks of darker than alabaster skin tone get all up in arms, you are protected BY THE CONSTITUTION, no matter what Whoopie Goldberg thinks. Amendments are part and parcel, PART OF THE CONSTITUTION, folks.

Now, this very short document is very easy to understand, it was written by very intelligent people, ALL OF WHOM BELIEVED IN G_D, and they kinda wrote it so the common man could understand it.

If you have a question on what to believe in regards to what your government should do, READ THE CONSTITUTION.

Abortion? Not there. Highways? Not there. Education? Provides for sixteenth section land for local government to do with as they will. Marriage? Not there. Separation of Church and State? Not there.

The answer is not in Washington D.C., it is within you.

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ChristinaJade said...

yep, there you go, stating the obvious yet again.

main malfunction telling these idiots this, "If you have a question on what to believe in regards to what your government should do, READ THE CONSTITUTION."...

most of them won't, don't, or CAN'T read!

we need a talk show about "who is my baby daddy" and we can slip this stuff in, no one will ever notice they are getting educated. i'll have my people call your people.