Saturday, January 24, 2009

BCS Roundup Linkyfest - Week Negative 28

I really don't know how many more weeks until college footbaw starts again, but that is a pretty close guess. Twenty-eight more weeks until opening day. Of course, we do have the Super Bowl in eight days, and then baseball, but dang, NO FRIGGIN' sports during this time of year? Some of y'all do watch that Aztec game where a bunch of tall people jump around and act like fools, I just never enjoyed it. And that little girl sport that we called "kickball" is certainly the most boring thing that I have ever had the misfortune to watch. No wonder the rest of the planet sucks if THAT crap is the best they can do for athletic entertainment.

Let's just look at the goings on in the age of the Obamoron instead. You know, since the almighty fed decided that working folks have to surrender even more of their lives to the liberal elitists.

The economic news that leaps off the page is that the Obamessiah is going to create some jobs. This is very doubtful unless tax cuts and a minimum wage decrease is in the works, but that doesn't stop everyone from promoting the idea. Remember from our exercise two days ago, these are NOT jobs for anyone that is white. Blank out the fact that this shall never happen, blank out the fact that government can ONLY create government jobs, blank out the fact that the philosophy behind "sustainable" and "green" jobs is based totally on junk science, blank out the fact that these are not permanent long-term jobs, blank all of that out and you have everyone becoming millionaires. (Hat-Tip: Revit 3D)

Venice tries to decide between DEATH and DEATH

With Barry's new moronic ideas on architecture, we shall have No More Gehry Greats. I am beginning to like Barry more and more. But.....

Oddly, in preparation for the Age of the New Messiah, architecture billings have dropped to 1890s levels. For those of you not in the profession, architects became somewhat self-important around that time, thinking that they were the saviors of the world. Engineers took over and ushered in a booming building glut that produced in twenty years what architects couldn't accomplish in the prior six hundred.

But, you know why Barry's ideas will work? Because Barry told Republicans to shut up, I WON! He is the post-racial, anti-partisan, political centrist president. And a card-carrying, admitted socialist that is a moron Hell-sworn to overturn the Constitution.

Let's all go get our nails DID with our new Head Moron in Chief's image.

And then we can keep track of all the promises fulfilled by the Rookie President.

Why is Barry ignoring the victims of Hurricane Ike? His administration has proven that they are the most inept government to ever handle a natural disaster. Seriously, why does Barry Obama HATE Texans? This is blatant out and out racism designed to KILL the people of Galveston and Seabrook. Does he NOT realize that his government policies have caused Catastrophic Climate Change to destroy the economy of South Texas? He is an evil, evil man that cares only for lining the pockets of his buddies in Chicago and in the Socialist party. He is the very worst president that this country has ever had and he is running roughshod over the Constitution.

Rookie President Barry Obama and his elitists friends in the Socialist Media are just yucking it up while the country burns. He is lining his pockets with the spoils of his corruption and illegal activity, paying off his cronies and sitting idly by while the swelling Meat Jello of the people that put him in office are NOT getting their gummint checks. Barry Obama HATES POOR PEOPLE.

Luckily, one of Barry's most ardent supporters is giving money to help out those that are benefiting the most from Barry's stolen election. I just cannot allow these things to go unreported, since folks in BIG MEDIA are getting rich on the backs of the Little Guy.

And why will the Rookie President NOT release any information? His illegal administration and corrupt friends are hiding all of their comings and goings. I certainly wish we had the transparency of the George W. Bush administration back. This overwhelming corruption of the Obamabots is pissing me off.

Another Clinton crony is in trouble. Since the Obamessiah is hiring all of the left-over Clinton administration folks into his vast, illegal, corrupt administration, I am certain that THIS GUY shall be the new Catholic outreach guy in the new Criminal White House. Worst. President. Evah.™

Luckily at least one of the Moonbats has realized the need to modify his product to deal with the impending corruption and illegal activity of the illegal administration. I am beginning to think that I need an iPhone.

Baby dogs.

The University of Razorhogs renames their college of architecture after one of their own. I like the work of Fay Jones. HERE's the release on his passing along with a photograph of the chapel at the Picayune arboretum. The chapel is pretty cool and the only time that I have been there, (Dead) Tommy 5 had a cooler full of quail eggs in his car trunk. When he told me about them, I thought he said, "Quaaludes." Go figger.

Linkdump folder is clear once again.

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ChristinaJade said...

these make me so dang tired. *sigh* but the little baby dogs just made me melt! :)

i'll get back to ya on the rest, got some reading to do now.

Denise said...

TD, how can you be a son of the south and not be eager for Daytona Week? I can't wait! I love fast cars. I had a fast car once. It was a '72 Dodge Colt, little four-banger, but it was wicked fast. Got clocked on the highway going 98 once, but that was after I'd started slowing down. Took 23rd Street in KC at a good 90 and went airborne on the dip at the bridge. That was fun. It's a wonder I ever grew up.

Paul Mitchell said...

Denise, not to trash racing at all, I have attended Talladega once and woke up face down in the grass both mornings. I had a blast.

BUT. Sports are played outdoors with a ball. Racing is not a sport, it is a competition.