Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Because you cannot read the entire blergywebs as quickly as I can! (UPDATED!!)

The bookmark folder "Dang, This Shit is Interesting" got full again, so Mildred, my loyal bookkeeper and wire-rope designer cut and pasted all the links to those sites for me. Now, I am passing those along to you for your reading pleasure. Every single link is chock full of awesome-tasty goodness, IF you are awake at three in the morning and have no clue what you are reading and Control-D is the only keyboard command that you can remember through the hallucinations.


UPDATE: According to Reverse Vampyr and Blogs for Bauer, today is "talk Like Jack Bauer Day." Everything that you speak today should either be whispered or shouted. I am trapped at home working on the finals for some drawings, take care of my contribution, will ya'?

Do you know what screws up the Garfield comic strip and makes it insanely UNFUNNY? Garfield.

Here's a site where the blogger takes photographs that depict the very split second before immense pain sets in. Dang.

History of the Jheri Curl

If there is only one thing that could make Chicago schools any better, it would be ONE BAZILLION DOLLARS OF (no not books) cappuccino machines. Yes, it's the same dude that Barry wants to head up the unconstitutional Department of Education.

When morons talk about how friggin' good things were when Bill "Jizz-Dress" Clinton was in office, they always roll out "The Surplus" he left. Yes, they're lying.

The Chairforce releases their rules for BLOGGING. (This is important because Bean was blocked from even reading our blog while deployed to Afghanistan.)

Eeeeek! Unemployment has SOARED to the highest point EVAH, since the Clinton Administration. (Eight years ago.)

As usual, Ayn Rand was right. Currently, I am rereading some of her newsletters from the early 1970s, they are just almost Nostradamus in their predictions, only the proper names of the current Democrat morons are missing.

Ayn Rand, "The Establishing of an Establishment" 1972
The substitutes for daring and vitality-such as the screeching hippies-are mere camouflage, like too much make-up on the lined face of an aging slut.
In case you are confused at what she is saying, she is explaining HOW HONEST AND CARING DEMOCRATS REALLY ARE. Again, more Democrat caring and lurve. She calls their philosophy "the Politics of Muscle."

A new game show.

Curious on which presidential candidate that criminals wanted to win? GUESS. Just so I am perfectly clear, John McCain is a dumbass and already he is right back to the moronic moronisms that he was preaching before he became the Republican candidate. I think that I am glad that Barry Obama won.

You know that "Random Thoughts on a Passing Scene" that Dr. Thomas Sowell publishes about once a month? THIS AIN'T DR. SOWELL.

Starting your Revit model from an AutoCad 2-d drawing.

Grandma finds a way to finance her addiction to slot machines. I offered her ten dollars. Bluehair turned me down.

Which Obamoron daughter shall get pregnant and have an abortion or contract an STD first? Smart money is on Sasha, because she is the dumbest.

If there has ever been a worse theory of why the newspapers and Barrystream Media is failing financially, IT WOULD BE HARD TO IMAGINE. Journalism professor? Two out of three moron indicators. If Western Washington University is a public university, that would make three of three indicators. Sorry, I didn't check.

Black History Month is right around the corner. Submit, appease, fold up like a cheap lawn chair! (Hat-Tip: Gnutcase)

Since Barry Obama has never played sports in his entire life, can anyone explain to me WHY The Four Letter is making a big deal of his inauguration? IS IT BECAUSE HE IS BLACK?!?!?!?! Blacks are good at sports, you know. (Clarification: Of all my black friends, at least twenty that I correspond with weekly, TWO are worth a shit at sports and neither one of those dudes can dance as well as a white engineer. And (Dead) Tommy 5 says that BOTH are hung like hamsters. Just saying.)

Erin Brockovich on public access. Party on, Wayne! Party on, Erin!

Since the Obamessiah's election, we have no need for Superman anymore.

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