Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Destined to Repeat It

I think that y'all can pretty much guess that I am most unhappy about the ushering in of the third term of the Era of George W. Bush. Barack Obama has explicitly said that he is going to continue Bush's policies in pretty much everything, but by bringing in the remnants of the corrupt Clinton administration. This makes me very unhappy for our economic, philosophical, and religious future. We are continuing on the wrong path that was set in motion by the big government, anti-capitalistic ideology of the past. It probably started in the late 1800s in the States, but that mentality has always dominated Europe. That is why their are jizzing their skivvies tonight.

The last week has found me very contemplative and planning for the future criminal behavior that I must engage in to keep my earnings. I am not going to go quietly into that goodnight because I am a free man and I am coming to grips with that decision. I think that I am actually planning on living Hank Rearden's life for the time being. I am not yet willing to let go completely, YET.

Tonight, I was reading the blog stack that I accumulate over the course of the day and ran across a post that included this video.

Aside from the fact that Puff Daddy, or whatever he calls himself this minute, immediately gained the ability to turn lights off instantaneously (by osmosis or something) upon Barry Diddy getting elected, the rest of the folks (who remain unknown to me) utterly unnerve me because of the glee with which they promise to become slaves.

"I promise to submit my will and my time to the care of Barry Obama. I shall behave as my master commands me."

Make no mistake, folks, the premise is exactly the same as Throckmorton R. Wainwright forcing the good field Negroes to go pick cotton on the plantation. There is no difference even if the slave master possesses half black skin. The most offensive part of this whole thing is that it appeared on my radar on the day that we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King. That offensiveness is NOT lost on me.

I do not know what kind of evil possession must befall someone to undertake begging other people to submit to their own slavery, but the American culture used to be filled with people that would rise up and smite down lunatics such as these.

The fact that Black folks struggled mightily against the forces enshrined in Democrat Party leadership to simply turn around and willingly accept the chains again because of the color of the new slave master's skin is heart breaking. We have lost our minds to do this and I cannot believe that everyone is so happy about the submission. I do not get it at all.

A friend sent me a message tonight that said that her eight year old daughter found this whole thing creepy. That is the beauty of the mind of a child to me. They instinctively know when something is not right until we pollute their minds with altruistic notions and collectivist mentality. WE effectively destroy our kids with that nonsense and then have no clue why they turn to drugs or put humongous plugs in their ears.

We have allowed ourselves to ignore our responsibilities to educating our kids by sitting idly by as Ward Churchill, Cornel West, Noam Chomsky, and Bill Ayers teach in our universities. Back in the day, these guys would be horsewhipped for teaching our kids to hate our country and the philosophy upon which it was founded. We sit idly by while someone makes comments about our military, burn our flag, and make a mockery out of our courts.

These permissive behaviors cannot continue or either we must surrender to our slave masters. There is a choice and I have made mine. Now, I must resolve myself to doing what it takes to LET THEM FAIL. Experience is the greatest teacher.

Galt said that he would take the job if they gave him free reign to do the job. Mr. Thompson refused and the Mr. Thompsons of the world will always refuse until they have no other choice.

We must defend this country from all threats, foreign and DOMESTIC. And yes, we are very much threatened.

UPDATE: Iowahawk has the transcript and the people's names. Seriously, THAT is Cameron Diaz? Who in the mortal Hell wants to have sex with her? Man, I have seen mud fences that are more attractive. Chicken Pot Pie is more attractive than that hag. (I did know Strahan, by the way.)

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Anonymous said...

Shades of Leni Riefenstahl.

All the rich and famous pledging while the real people of this country worry how to get their next consumptive fix.

For all his supposed smarts you'd think that our first biracial POTUS would be asking his team to back off some on the propaganda knowing the reality will never match the hype.

ChristinaJade said...

"supposed" being the key word in the description of smarts, JJD!

i think they HAVE to keep the hype going for now. in reality, it is all they have. without all that, the flocks of sheeple would realize that O is going to carry over GWB's policies (which they would hate) and that the promises made aren't going to just magically happen. that they WILL have to keep worrying about their mortgage and paying for gas, and that magic fairies from O aren't going to come sprinkle pixie dust on the planet and just make everything all peachy. the propaganda is necessary to keep this illusion alive, without it, O would just be another dude with a questionable past.

and yes, the 8 year old is still creeped out. :)

Yiddish Steel said...

I pledge to continue calling these fukkin' useless tools, known as "Actors" and "Celebrities", FUKKIN' USELESS TOOLS.

Oh, and Michael Strahan should pledge to fix that enormous gap between his teeth. You could stick a $20 roll of quarters in there. Seriously.