Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dissecting Barry's Directive 10-289 (Updated!!)

UPDATE: I was googly eyed when I started reading and writing this post, so I skipped one little tidbit. Page 4 of this behemoth that turns our country into 1940s Soviet Russia, states, "this bill is designated as emergency for purposes of pay-as-you-go principles." What that means is that PAYG principles do not apply. So, Barry did NOT lie when he said that was his philosophy, he just removed that from the table by stating this was an EMERGENCY.

Been piecing through Barry's proposed House Resolution 1. It is a cacophony of craz-ee. I now honestly believe that our new president is stark raving insane, since he backs this legislation. It is 647 pages of complete, utter, overwhelming, dictatorial, federal government nationalizing of the entire country. I am not kidding, at all. I'll e-mail it to you if you do not believe me. I am not posting it on Scribd, because it is just too big. If I put it on this page, it would take forever to load. Speed is everything.

Just a couple of highlights. Of the grahibrillions of dollars that will have to be seized to put this regulation in place, fully 218.5 million goes into federal government administration, off the top. And that sum is sure to increase by a factor of ten, because this program runs until 2013.

Page fourteen denies any money to Illinois until Bagojevich is removed from office. Wonder why? Do you think that the federal government is trying to force Illinois to ditch Blago? Naw, that can't happen in this country. You know, where the federal government dictates who can be in a state government. That just cannot be, huh? We are the upside down pyramid, remember?

Also, some more funny stuff. All projects much be built with United States produced steel. Well, unless US steel is more expensive and cannot be delivered on time. Whatever is in the best suits the "public interest." Seriously, the language is lifted part and parcel from Atlas Shrugged. Orren Boyle would jizz his skivvies. Again, I am NOT kidding. I'll e-mail it to you if you do not believe me.

As far as labor is concerned, Davis-Bacon is in effect. Understand, Davis-Bacon allows ILLEGAL immigrants to work as contract employees. They DO NOT pay taxes, FICA, or Medicare. However, they are fully capable of receiving unemployment or Workman's Compensation. I know this because I am currently involved with eight Davis-Bacon wage projects on the Gulf Coast. No one on those jobs pays a PENNY of any of the withholding taxes.

The majority of the small amount of infrastructure money is directed to "persistent poverty counties." This means that SPECIFICALLY, the federal government is going to spend money in areas where no industry currently exists and there are no workers to support new industry. Also, by the same token, none of this money can benefit casinos at all. But, they have also attached a great portion to Indian reservations. Do we see a small contradiction there?

People, this is a serious call to arms. Pick up the goddamn phone and call your Congressman. Do it now. Do it over and over until they collapse from your badgering. This bill will destroy this country. You will wake up in Soviet Russia if this bill passes.

Again, I'll e-mail it to you if you do not believe me.

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ChristinaJade said...

i believe you, but could you send it to me anyway? :) you've got my addy...


Denise said...

I believe every word, and would like to read more. Can I have it, too?

Anonymous said...

Please email that to me and I host the entire damn thing on my webserver for those who want to download it.

Welcome to...

The United Soviet Socialist States of America.

The people have spoke ....

Welcome to the change you all wanted.

This country is filled with such stupidity. Amazing.

At least the public education system finally succeeded with their goal of dumbing down America.

Paul Mitchell said...

The Directive has been sent, y'all. Enjoy the day after your screaming subsides.

I am seriously buying a reloader. NOT KIDDING.

ChristinaJade said...

ok, so i'm up around page 300 (no, i don't read that slowly, puddles has pneumonia, mommy doesn't get much time to read) and i feel like someone has knocked the breath out of me.

if this thing passes, we are all in for a whole new lifestyle.

its called socialism.

Paul Mitchell said...

It is utterly terrifying to me. I have sent twenty "e-mails" this morning to gummint officials. I put e-mails in quotes because it is not really an e-mail when you fill out the form thingy.

Deddy is skeered.