Monday, January 19, 2009

Fairness, or Everyone EQUALLY Poor? (Two Dogs reads the Bible)

I happen to think that the image in which G_d made man was one of rational thought to shape his surroundings and to increase the quality of life for all men through the benefit of one man's work, not for the benefit of mortal man, but for the benefit of man's eternal salvation. I was taught that G_d created the heavens and the earth from rational thought and His own labor. Also, Adam and Eve were "supposed" to live eternally in the Garden, free from all want. I think that G_d knew that having that perfection, he had removed from man's mind, that "own image." Perfection guaranteed is not perfection. It must be earned to place that value at a higher price. Was the "fall from grace" planned? If we accept the premise that G_d is perfect, we must assume that it was.

(This acceptance was of ultimate importance for me. There also exist many, many interpretations of Biblical teaching, but my basic, original concept FORCES me to remove from my consideration, other men's thoughts. My salvation depends solely on me. No other man can provide MY salvation.)

This concept started me on my quest for knowledge. Armed with very basic premises in the preconceptions that I had of G_d, religion, and man, I had to deduce and abstract certain basic facts upon which to build. AND, if I accept that original fact that man began the Garden, then I had to build on that fact and resolve issues and conflicts in teaching before I could move forward in my intellectual study of G_d and the basic foundation of my beliefs. To ease my investigation somewhat, the Bible is written in a chronological progression. Allegedly.

I had to first learn to add, then subtract, then multiply and divide. I had to first learn letters, then words, the sentences. The progression of the learning process is simple when broken into parts. This is also why the "whole learning" method of teaching is ultimately unsuccessful. Writing the letters in Helen Keller's hand was the only way for her to ever learn to communicate. From there, the world of a blind, deaf-mute was revealed. We are ALL Helen Keller at the beginning and we are all given at birth what we need.

To do the same as G_d on a much smaller scale is how I attempt daily to make myself more like G_d. That is the DUTY that I am given by G_d and to create or to shape the world around me is paramount to me achieving the greatness of which I am capable.

Others disagree with my philosophy and accept the paralyzing premise of original sin that states that man shall always be a sinner and can never be perfect.

However, the Bible also teaches us that Jesus died for our sins. I don't question that fact. And I go one step further to the abstraction that if Jesus gave his mortal life for penance for my sins, do the sins still exist from my birth? We cannot say that abortion is the taking of innocent life AND say that all men are sinners, they do not equate. Also, the Bible never tells me that I cannot achieve perfection here on Earth. It simply tells me that at the time that Jesus was crucified, He was the only man without sin THEN.

Now, to understand what this means to me, a quick definition of sin is needed. It is specifically "transgression of divine law." Since I think that "in His own image" refers to the ability to rationally contemplate things and ACT on those deductions, doesn't it seem to support the THEORY that man CAN achieve perfection while still mortal man? I don't think that I need to spoon feed the transgressions that are considered sin, we can do that at some other time.

I am in no way attempting to ease my tasks on earth, this actually makes my job that much harder, I desire perfection. I think that in order for my eternal salvation to be awarded, I must PRODUCE with nothing in my philosophy to undermine those efforts, to achieve the greatness of the man that died on the cross. Yes, Jesus WAS a man in that form, the abstraction of Jesus as the Son of G_d did NOT die on that cross. That said, I cannot abide the contradictions of philosophical ideology at all. Facts must beget facts, whether in math, science, ideology, or religion. <--"I'm not religious at all, but I'm very SPIRITUAL, LOL!" Shut up. That is quite possibly the dumbest thing that I have ever heard, and there are a bunch of dumb things that I have heard in my lifetime. To divide spirituality from any basic concepts or premises of anything allows you to bounce from one theory to another. Hence, NOT very G_d-like. Contradictions abound in that environment. Global warming, global cooling, catastrophic climate change....see?

Now, just as the verses yesterday told me to take care of the plank in my own eye FIRST, which tells me that only when my individual house is in order, only then can I help with the rest of the world. If original sin and always a sinner is actually the case, then NEVER can I do anything to help another. These DO NOT equate either. It is one or the other, both cannot be true at the same time. Of course, logic tells you that if you allow yourself to do so, backsliding is possible. It is not a matter of always rolling that rock uphill, it is a matter of addition, then subtraction, then multiplication and division. Git it?

G_d cannot be illogical. G_d is reality. G_d has no contradictions.

Now, with my conception that G_d DEMANDS that I practice rigid individualism to continually insure my salvation, we launch into the daily diatribe.

At the very core of my being, I know that the anti-intellectualism of the the far left that is about to take even more control of our country, IS EVIL. The philosophical concept of the far left is that of original sin, not specifically mind you, because they do not think. I can never achieve greatness because the Bible tells me that I can never remove the original sin from my life. Only in numbers and tossed into a group of like-minded people, can I find my safety. Never in the "own image" shall I ever live. This reduces me ultimately to the lowest of the low because I look for my worth in other men. But, again, in this mode I believe that no man can be perfect, so therefore I do not have to be perfect, and the cycle continues to spiral downward toward Sodom and Gomorrah. This is a simple step by step reduction of all things that are to be G_d-like. Contradictions in my philosophy cannot exist. A snake cannot be a sheep.

Example: "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy." Ingrid Newkirk, President PETA. Therein lies the philosophy of the left. Where are the scientific, mathematical, philosophical, and religious limits in that statement? That is EXACTLY where leftist philosophy leads. Everything leads to the bottom. It is the Biblical concept of Satan personified. The statement from Newkirk is the epitome of evilness.

Now for the reality of where our country stands TODAY. We have effectively removed the slightest chance for individual achievement, the possibility to be more G_d-like. We have taken the very basic premises for the greatest creation than man has ever made, the philosophy that gave us the United States of America, and turned them inward to guarantee Sodom and Gomorrah. We have removed any chance for greatness by instead focusing on the militarily FORCED equality of all men. A decidedly anti-intellectual (G_d-like) philosophy that accepts the root premise that man cannot ever strive for perfection because he is forever sinful.

In no short order is the total effect of that philosophy as apparent as in today's Zimbabwe. A few years ago, Zimbabwe represented the richest, most successful country on the entire continent of Africa. Then, the philosophy of original sin, and of FORCED equality was instituted with the ideology of giving every man the exact same thing as every other man. In extremely short order, anti-intellectual concepts were realized and the ultimate ends of that lack of philosophy achieved its ONLY ends. Every single person living in poverty with absolutely no remote chance of escape from crippling poverty, rampant disease, and a cruel, violent, torturous life of the shortest duration of any country on the continent.

People that do not accept the simplistic truth that contradictions cannot exist in reality, exclaim "But that can never happen in the United States!" and they fail to acknowledge that we have the proof in pockets all around this country. Detroit, Cleveland, the Mississippi Delta, commoners in DC and Chicago, all PROVE the point. Contradictions CANNOT exist in reality.

Until recently, the Republican Party represented the ideology of freedom FROM government and the removal of the shackles of bondage chained to the mass of meat that is the unthinking left. However, those Republicans did not see the very reason that they were swept into office in 1994 and tried to become like the congealed mass of ignorance that IS government. Still, the party is closer to the ultimate goal, but daily the party moves more in the direction of Zimbabwe. The Democrat Party has been in that area since the early 1800s and has never moved from that anti-philosophy ever, ever inching closer to the ultimate goal of man's destruction.

A country with no rudder at all cannot head in the right direction. <--"I'm not religious at all, but I'm very SPIRITUAL, LOL!" And a country cannot have at its helm a person that refuses to even attempt to recognize that a rudder is needed. It is not a political party that shall move us in the right direction, but men. Men determined to do the things that are right to accomplish what they desire in an effort to achieve their individual salvation for their individual sake are the only way that we shall ever right the course of iniquity and moral relativism.

All those words to say, "There is a right and there is a wrong."

Now, is there a solution? Of course, there is ALWAYS a solution. Take the plank from your own eye and then you can see clearly to remove the sawdust from your brother's eye. To me, this doesn't mean that we need to get a bunch of screeching fools to rush the stage and throw Barry and his evil ilk from the planet. It means that we must engage all of those that do not understand the philosophy of the individual and greatness. Take them aside, one person to another and let them know that the only method of achieving the individual greatness for themselves is to THINK for themselves.

"Jimmy Pete, you once bought me a beer and in return for that favor, I shall offer you the world, IF you are smart enough to take it."

The only reason that the un-philosophy of Barry Obama was able to win is because there exist many more people that have no ideology or philosophy. They heard the anti-intellectualism of the un-man and saw the safety in never having any constraints of reality or the need to assume responsibility. Barry removed from those people the need for a mind.

Our task is to give them back their minds.

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ChristinaJade said...

man, you're on fire here lately. :)

dealing with one's individual issues before trying to change the world is something that everyone, especially our nation's leaders, should not only consider, but act upon. i have often wondered if the people who are supposedly in charge feel as if they are in charge of their own lives. to use your example, how can our elected leaders get anything done if they can't see past their own problems?

i am honestly, truly afraid of the direction that the world seems to be taking. as a parent, i fear for my child, as an individual, i fear for my future, and as an American, i fear for our freedom.

i don't have a rational explanation, but i have to go with my gut. i know how things (or people, in this case), make me feel. even my 8 year old daughter feels the same way. (from the mouths of babes) way back last summer, she said, "Obama creeps me out."

Paul Mitchell said...

From the mouth of babes....your eight year old gets scared of people that make no logical sense because she has not been completely reprogrammed yet, she immediately sees the contradictions and cannot make both facts exist logically. Children KNOW the difference because they break things down to right and wrong, they have not yet learned "nuance." Even the Bible tells you that, too. Only if you think like a child.....this doesn't mean to wet your bed and believe in Santa Claus, it means only that you simplify that which is simple.

There are too many complexities in every day life to allow those things that are simple to add to life's confusion. TRUE happiness comes from the simple philosophy of children, two things that mean the opposite cannot exist at the same time. If you notice, things start to go awry with them as they age. They are constantly bombarded with the ideology that "man cannot gain true intelligence" and "there are many shades of gray." I said yesterday that I had a teacher that actually told me that the Soviets just didn't do Socialism RIGHT and you know that you have heard that from someone pontificating on how smart they are. They make children cry with that philosophy.

"There are many ideologies that believe different things and they are all congruent to each other" again embraces facts that do not jibe. Contradictions cannot exist in our logic.

Thanks for reading this bloviation, but I gotta get this stuff outta my head onto the page before it swells up like cancer.