Monday, January 05, 2009

Harry Reid Imitates Popeye

Words from the Head Moron in Charge of the Democrat Senate. The worst of all time, by the way, with approval ratings, according the citizens of the United States of America, a full ten points LOWER than those of President George W. Bush, but who's counting?

Harry Reid was born in December of 1939, so let's look at the worst presidents in his lifetime to prove that he is either a liar or a moron. Let's go backwards to dispel his idiotic ideas as quickly as possible, alrighty?

The president right before our current one was Bill Clinton and HE WAS IMPEACHED for lying to a grand jury with regards to attempting to rape an employee when he was governor of Arkansas! So, Harry is already wrong, shall we go further? Why should we? He is wrong and he knows it and is lying.

In case you were wondering, just in Moron Harry Reid's lifetime, there have been TEN US Presidents that were worse than George W. Bush, NOT including the incoming one that has already exceeded all imagination with regards to corruption. I guess that he determines the "goodness" of an administration by how much the rest of the world likes us or the amount of money the government can take from people with jobs.

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