Friday, January 02, 2009

In Case You Did Not Know

Tejas Technological School is getting the absolute mortal snot beat from their noses by what in essence is an unranked SEC team in the Cotton Bowl. The computer polling had Tejas Technological School ranked at number four, they did not have Ole Miss ranked at all.

That would be 11-1 Tejas Tech against 8-4 Ole Miss. This would be the very same Tejas Tech team that defeated the Tejas Cuerno Largo that is ranked number three. The very same Tejas Cuerno Largo that defeated the Oklahoma Sooners that are ranked number ONE.

Just saying. (And, thank G_d that is over, Ole Miss treated those Red Raiders like a black dude trying to get into law school at Ole Miss, sans the German Shepherds and the firehoses.)

And, just in case you are wondering what three guys should never stand together on the sideline, HERE IS A GOOD EXAMPLE.

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