Thursday, January 15, 2009

Language is the Key to Wealth

The title of this post means one thing, that unless you are unable to make yourself understood, no amount of intellectual awesomeness can help you succeed. I have repeatedly discussed how poorly architects communicate. I guess that I am no Adolf Hitler in the cat herding department, but I do possess the language skills necessary to talk with my clients and come to a meeting of the minds, then convey that information to Cletus the plumber.'s a published architect in the Netherlands, talking to other architects. See if you can figure out what in the mortal Hell is being discussed. Yes, it's in English.
In 2008, the NAI Maastricht is sketching longer lines on the interface of architecture and design, centred on the theme of the interior.

The whole lump of gibberish is HERE.

They have already rolled out the face of new building material in the Age of Obama. It's used soda bottles. No, they are not just for SHOES anymore!

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