Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Marginalizing the Forty-THIRD Person to Be President

Yes, he is the forty-FOURTH president, but Grover Cleveland was president TWICE. Obama is just the forty-third man to be president.

I did not partake in the Obama-Ade yesterday, I have had a bellyful since at least October of 2005. Sorry, I just do not worship men. However, there are plenty of anti-intellectual folks that do. Especially the media. There were so many glowing headlines and articles yesterday that I stifled back puke from the jump yesterday morning. Luckily, I had bacon for breakfast so it was not entirely unpleasant.

Andrea Mitchell, some dingbat "reporter" and wife of Alan Greenspan even said that all the cell phone cameras looked like "STARS shining back at Obama." Wow! They refuse to even attempt to honor the First Amendment.

All that stuff said, I really enjoyed the front page of CNN for a little while, because it summed up in its entirety, the direction of the Obama Administration. I think that they were all high on dope at CNN, by the way.

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nanc said...

all i noticed were the way michelle's underarms got all jiggly when she waved - things that make you go BLECH!

Paul Mitchell said...

nanc, ewwwww, lunchroom lady arms? Oh, that's bad.

Two Dogs said...

nanc, ewwwww, lunchroom lady arms? Oh, that's bad.