Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama Philosophy at "Work"

There was a comment over at one of my daily reads where I found this craziness. This is a "post-racial" administration, run by BIGOTS and MORONS (in other words, Democrats).

Charlie Rangel thinks that it is a good idea to FORCE states to do things a certain way. Fed FORCES state? States ACCOUNTABLE to the Fed? Wha. da. f......?

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Anonymous said...

Two days in and it is clear that Obama's road will be as rocky as the crappy state of Jackson's streets. Geithner's confirmation testimony was a big time flop on Wall Street with the financial talking heads openly deriding Barry's socialism this morning. The Brit Pound is plummeting and they are openly speaking of national bankruptcy in the UK as I type. Meanwhile our own currency devaluation looms right around the corner. Hang on tight because it is gonna get much worse before it gets better and that likely won't be for years.

Anonymous said...

I am posting this on my blog!

Maybe Obama is like Lincoln... and going to be President during a civil war.

Paul Mitchell said...

Oooo, JJD is a Jacksonian? You can hit me up on e-mail if'n you wanna.

CB, steal from me at will, there's black president.