Sunday, January 11, 2009

Posting Thru the Delirium Tremens @ 3:41 AM

It appears that I was just a few days too late on the post below. Y'all failed me! Of course YOU didn't do it on purpose, you had to have a bunch of holidays and crap, and did not read blerks while you were hanging out with your family ignoring the important things. Oh, you know, LIKE LETTING ME FALL OUTTA NUMBER ONE! Okay, I got trounced. Even Jackson Free Press is ahead of me in this week's All Blog rankings. THIS. SHALL. NOT. STAND. (The Free Press beat me, I'm a loser.)

But, let's be frank, I OWN number one Conservative Blog in Mississippi. Even though this is a ridiculous humor blog, I OWN that spot. I'm link dumping like a mad man this week to regain that spot. With Conservative stuff, too! Traffic shall come back. I shall prevail for no reason at all.

And on that "All Blog" category, I don't care where I rank as long as it is in front of JFP. Because they suck. HARD. Hepp a brother out, y'all.

Please take the time to comment.


ChristinaJade said...

it was the redhead in kentucky commenting from a damn democratic state, wasn't it. how dare she.

check the voter registration forms, a democrat i am not, thank you very much!

now put him back in his spot.

there, that should do it.

Paul Mitchell said...

I have never actually checked HOW they figure the stats, I just joined up to help promote Mississippi bloggers. Plus, Conservative Belle usually snares the top spot every week, but I think she must have gone to the South Pole for the month of December, 'cause she didn't post much at all. She has a real site, too.

ChristinaJade said...

it would be interesting to know just exactly HOW they figure those stats. probably a bunch of stuff i would never understand anyway, but i'd still be curious to know.