Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Speaking Truth to POWAH!

Seriously, I have no idea what that title even means. Every time the morons use it, I just cringe because it sounds like yet another idiotic bromide of the moonbats. Anyhoo, I got a couple of comments from someone that is obviously taking seventh grade economics in a public school, so I thought that I would give them a few thoughts on government, economics, and digging their head from the dark, stinky place.

There are more than two ways to skin a cat. Trust me, I have tried at least seventeen to date and if Dewayne's cat doesn't stop walking on my truck, I am going to try at least one more. With the active mindset that we have developed in acknowledging that there are more than two ways to do something, let us proceed.

If there is a thing that happened AGO, that is called "in the past" or historical PROOF. How history helps us is that it shows us that there are certain ideas that WORK (are successful) and certain ideas that do not work (are failures). When something is a decided FAILURE, you do not do that again. It failed, you see? That means that it was NOT successful and it is BAD.

What the new president does not do very well is understand HISTORICAL PROOF. He is an ideological person that posits an idea, even though it was tried and failed previously, and says that he CAN make it work. Most people call those kinda folks "STUPID" or "MORONS." Instead of using those words to describe the new president, our dead tree media calls him, "the smartest guy to ever serve as president." That makes those in the dead tree media using those descriptive words, "STUPID" or "MORONS."

Now, in regard to the economy, the federal government can do two things to make the economy mo' bettah. They can CUT SPENDING or INCREASE REVENUE. They can also do BOTH or NEITHER. Just so you know, practically everything that the federal government spends money on is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This means that there is nothing in the CONSTITUTION that gives them the authority to spend money on those things. They made it up whole cloth and we cannot do anything about that.

They can also INCREASE spending, but when they are literally broke, they really cannot spend money that they haven't got. See how that works?

Now, there exist a bunch of these MORONS that think raising taxes on "rich" folks is a good idea. Ask Bubba Clinton how that turned out for him when he pushed through the "luxury tax" and penalized only those that bought expensive things. Almost immediately the Northeast ship building industry went to Hell in a handbasket and the UNIONS made Bubba repeal that idea. No one was smart enough to understand that when you jack up the price on an item solely because of taxes, that item loses VALUE to the people that need or want it.

Also, if you bother to look way, way back to December of 2008, you shall find that the main people that were hit the hardest were the people that were selling LUXURY ITEMS. This has repercussions much further down the line that what Roswell P. Groingtwhait is doing in tha pahla. There are people that produce these items, people that distribute these items, and people that sell these items. Factory workers, truck drivers, and retail salespeople are not "rich" folks, but they are affected FIRST when "rich" folks are robbed by the federal government. All those folks were affected because the "rich" folks did not buy as much. And guess what? The unemployment figures went through the roof, too!

One thing that you must understand at this point is that since the Democrats took back the Congress, we have already had two minimum wage increases. This helps no one. Only those making minimum wage break even. Everyone else that makes MORE than minimum wage in reality takes a hit to the value of their salary in direct proportion to the increase of minimum wage. And the economy stalls, again.

You can look back to the Jimmy Carter administration to see point blank how the economy swiftly plummeted with every increase of the minimum wage. Jimmy increased it FOUR times while president.

A side note here, people that are living off the government tit or making minimum wage buy relatively few luxury items and are more concerned with buying "STUPID SHIT," like subwoofers and rims for their car.

Where I am going is here; some ideas might seem on the surface to be good ideas even though they have always failed to achieve their intended ends. We call those ideas "FAILURES" or "STUPID." Do not try to achieve success by using ideas that have always failed. Tell that to The Smartest Man Evah to be Elected President.

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Steve B said...

Beeeuuutiful as always. Except for, you know, the parts you stole from me. But I'm gonna overlook that this once.

Anonymous said...

Two questions:
1. If B. Hussein Obama (wink & nod to A.C. for this one) is the smartest man to ever hold the Office of President of The United States of America, why is it no one knows his IQ? It's kind of like no one ever checking his birth certificate. . . . .

2. Isn't INSANITY defined as repeating the same failed behavior with the expectation of a differnt outcome? Wait, maybe I have corn-fused that with LIBERALISM!!!!!

Great piece, TD!!!!

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, I get my ideas for posts from a lot of different sources, certainly TBoB is one of those. I appreciate the thought provoking posts, but this one was a ten minute ass-jumping on a commenter. Having ignored re-reading it even after it being published, honestly, I have no idea what is even there. It was a white hot feral rage jumping fully formed from my melon. If it is any good, it's because of you. If it's bad, it's because I was pissed off.

Eeeeeek, the Wetback is reading Coulter!!!! Thanks for showing up to see the coloring.

Paul Mitchell said...

Dang, I just read that and it IS good. I am what most people call "awesome" or "awesomatic."

Skunkfeathers said...

"awesomatic"? Luv it.

And it fits this column.

You should teach economics to young skulls of mush, but you'd probably have to beat the crap out of half the school district administrators and teachers' union reps to be able to do it.

Which ain't a bad idea...