Thursday, January 08, 2009

Spiderman Jumps the Shark

I have never been a big comic book fan, in fact I have only read ONE in my entire life. It was an Ironman comic where I think that he fought The Juggernaut. It was just too sissified for my taste, but not that there's anything wrong with being fancy as a wee lad.

Since Ironman was the only comic book that I ever read, I was somewhat interested in seeing the movie, well that and the fact that the trailers looked pretty sharp. BIG. FAT. HAIRY. BUCKET O' FAIL.

I've also seen Daredevil, two Hulk movies, all of the Batmans, all of the X-Mens, that Halle Berry movie where she was almost nekkid all the time, Catwoman maybe?, Aeon Flux, probably all of the Supermans, and the Spiderman movies. GRONK! The Spiderman movies were the worst only to the Daredevil movie. The only thing missing in the Spiderman movies, to make them completely what they attempted to be, was Spiderman swimming nekkid in a barrel of DICKS.


Spiderman, and all comics, y'all are DEAD TO ME.

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