Saturday, January 03, 2009

Talking Back to Morons - Part Pi

Moron: you are so bigetted that you probably read ann coulter and laugh

Me: It is certainly true that I read Ann Coulter and laugh because she is uproariously funny. Those that do not find humor in Ms. Coulter's articles are seriously lacking in the sense of humor department. You mean "bigoted," by the way, Einstein.

Moron: she is bigetted hate-filled stupid hack

Me: You do not even know what "hack" means. But, yes, that Dreams from my Father was a lovefest toward whites, you know!

Moron: president obama is african american, he cannot be bigetted.

Me: Please sign off and make a beeline to the bleach. Big swallow, you need. If you survive that, take your next government check that you receive for sub-par IQ and buy yourself some humor, Doo-Doo Head.

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Ann Coulter's articles may be found HERE.


Steve B said...

That is just rich. An african-american can't be bigotted?

Dey don' lissen ta much rap, now duz dey? Although, I suspect that's where dey gets a lot of dere spelling.

Black people can't be bigotted. wow. Someone better call Farakhan and Spike Lee.

Paul Mitchell said...

Steve, now you are just being RACIST!

Well, you are if you are Caucasoid.