Thursday, January 08, 2009

Well, Serve Me Up Some Kittens, Then!

Our good friend Harrison, the blogging Terrier, linked something that just almost made me call a lawyer to have PETA committed. In case you are unaware, PETA stands for People with thEir heads up Their Asses. The entire mission of PETA is to rid the planet of people. Why they obviously contradict their mission by not immediately chewing on the barrel of a loaded Desert Eagle to get some VICTORY under their belt, I could not begin to tell you. Moonbat activists are funny like that. Wouldn't you love it if you woke up in the morning and morons like Michael Moore and Al Gore had bored themselves to death overnight? Well, at least that is what I think that their activism missions are, I could be wrong. But, it certainly looks that way.

Anyhoo, the main way that they want to kill people is to get them to starve to death. I guess if you absolutely hate all people, that would be almost as cruel as burning them to death or drowning, but it's really hard to entice folks into dousing themselves with gasoline and bumping their Baby Bic or to agree to be strapped to the hull of a speeding pontoon boat. So, the more efficient method is by starvation.

Back to the current insanely asinine, idiotic, moronic, sandpoundingly stupid way that PETA is trying to kill people. By making seafood unattractive to EATERS.

How does PETA intend to push forth this agenda? By starting to call "FISH" by the insane term of "Sea Kittens." They are coming for your children.


For future reference, if you see someone that you suspect of being involved with PETA, do NOT hesitate to call those burly gentlemen in the rubberized panel van to swiftly come and transport your suspected PETA douchesicle to the nearest lobotomy clinic.

They's nuts, Cletus.

As I am always wont to do, I offer a piece of advice free of charge to help the cause. Since I have read this story all over the Warblyblegs this morning, (proving that Harrison is the best blogger in the world, and he's a dog) I have decided to show PETA how stupid they are.

Instead of "Sea Kittens" call them "Sea Anuses." Or "Sea Feet." Get it?

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ChristinaJade said...

sea kittens. rrriiiiiiight.

as rescue-happy as i am and as animal-lving as i am, i can't stand peta. i'm sorry, but cows taste good. especially grilled.

and they don't like my fur coats either. yes, i said it. I WEAR FUR. IT KEEPS ME WARM. just like it has other people for what, THOUSANDS of years?

algore can't possibly bore himself to death! what would happen to his invention, the internet? *gasp*

Paul Mitchell said...

I have yet to run across an animal that I wouldn't try to eat once. Including Iguana, but got that first and last time on that out of the way with one shot.

Al might have invented the internet, but he's no longer involved. It's okay for him to go away now.