Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why We Should Distrust Government (UPDATED!!)

As a disclaimer, Mississippi is a highly Democrat state, despite what the national media says. This article printed here in its entirety is from a Mississippi legislator's blog on the Clarion Ledger website. Democrat Representative John Mayo from Clarksdale moderates his comments, so needless to say mine never get posted. he only allows crazy people to comment. You know, crazy, like him.

I have cropped his ENTIRE post, from HERE, at the Clarion Ledger. This article was printed today in the Clarion Ledger. Representative Mayo shows his record shattering mastery of the English language and shows exactly why we should rebel against our current batch of leaders. Try to resolve all the bad tenses, the incorrect grammar, the ridiculous anti-Americanism, all of the flaws with his overwhelming racism, geez, there are probably more contradictions and stupid statements contained here, than there are words. Folks, THIS is your government.

Forgive me, I could not find a font that accurately depicts the way that I read this crap (I thought I had one called "Insane Blithering Moron," but I was mistaken), so enjoy the italic Trebuchet, highlighted in the huge orangish box to show that I did not write this, Representative John Mayo of Clarksdale, Mississippi did.

I submit, "What more can we ask for?" (Proper grammar? Just saying.) a lesson in insanity by (obviously RETARDED) Representative John Mayo.
There's been and is going to be a lot of print written about the significance of this inauguration. What needs to be kept in mind about all of this is the inauguration of the first African American president is an event. The Presidency is a process.

The making of Character is also a process. If what we see is reality, and I believe it is, soon to be President Barack Obama and his family are more than a role model for African Americans, but they are one for all of us.

Hard work, working smart, applying oneself, taking advantage of opportunities, never giving up...what more can we ask for?

Goal driven, meeting the realities of raising a family, genuinely loving one another, what more can we ask for?

Realizing what you are good at and what you are not, listening to others, heeding their advice, opening a dialogue with people who disagree with you, thinking about what you say before you open your mouth, what more could we ask for?

Fulfilling YOUR dreams, what more could you ask for?

Wow! Wow.

Just so you should know, English IS his first language. And this was printed in our local paper. Wow.

UPDATE: I just reread his article and seriously I have no clue what it is even about. Is it about having a black president? I give up, no clue what Representative John Mayo's article is about. No clue, but someone at the Clarion Ledger obviously does because they printed it. Maybe he typed it on his Blackberry with his teeth while driving?

UPDATE 2: Seriously, do you think that the Clarion Ledger just took random words from various blog posts, strung them together and put his name on it? My DOG can write better than this. Seriously, this guy GOT ELECTED TO SOMETHING?

UPDATE 3: I just thought that y'all should know that my Firefox has an integral "spelling and grammaring checker." There are six words in Representative John Mayo's article that are not underlined. Wow, just wow.

UPDATE 4: Final thought, do you think that Representative John Mayo even proofread this? You know, "Hey, this looks really good, you da man, Johnny-Boy!" That just cannot be possible in a sane world. One of my deranged screeds where I bang out 600 words in five minutes is NEVER this terrible. Can you even imagine what a piece of legislation looks like from this guy? No wonder we have so many damn lawyers. Dangitty, dang, dang, dang.

UPDATE 5: It just dawned on me the only way that Democrat Representative John Mayo of Clarksdale produced this crazy blog post. I REFUSE to believe that an elected official can SLAY the English language that badly. Obviously he wrote it originally in English, since that is obviously the only language that he can speak (poorly), subsequently translated into eight other languages in sequence, and then translated it back to English on a computer that only has the Japanese language engine running. Or either he found a Yoda-Speak program that was just released in Beta. I feel better now having solved that dilemma.

Please take the time to comment.

(I think that two links to the article and one to the paper, plus added BOLDING to scream that Representative John Mayo of Clarksdale wrote this covers my copyright obligations, huh Massive Legal Team?)


ChristinaJade said...

from the massive legal team (or actually just the redhead from kentucky) -

yeah, you're covered.

and DANG

Paul Mitchell said...

Yeah, if there is one thing that you can say about our state government it's that no one is very smart, but they make up for that by being corrupt and physically unattractive.

ChristinaJade said...

wow, that proves it right there. after living in Greenville for a while, i said that leaving Kentucky to go to Mississippi isn't leaving anything at all.

except the food's better down your way...

need crawdaddies. they break the stress of dealing with all the dang idiots.

Anonymous said...

I don't even bother reading anything Mayo writes, print or online. Seriously, I don't read a word. Like I don't read any of Lynn Evans' columns. Instead I pursue a smart fiber therapy and self-medicate with a healthy glass of water and Citrucel each morning.

Paul Mitchell said...

JJD, I actually worked on a planning committee with Lynn Evans. She is a danger to every child in the JPSD school system. I am a glutton for punishment from reading Representative John Mayo's scribblings. It just dawned on me, do you think that the person that actually has to type his posts has a tough time reading the Crayon?

Christina Jade, we cool kids call 'em Ditch Crickets and can ingest ten pounds at a single sitting. WITH sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, and peppers.

ChristinaJade said...

don't forget the onions, corn, and maybe some shrimpies and mussels.

Paul Mitchell said...

Would you believe that the older I get, the less I care from shrimp? Pinky swear.

ChristinaJade said...

really? hmmm...we must find a replacement then. crab legs?

and the yoda-speak theory seems to make perfect sense. can you hear the campaign manager on that one?

use the force and reach public office you must, clearly speak you will!

Steve B said...

Here's a link which says the same thing, only more, and better.

Apprently, it wasn't until we had Barack Obama as president that black people could know how to act.

Denise said...

Lawdie, I think that child done fell on his haid too many times!

Seriously, though, I think he's trying to figure out what more he can request, right? He writes almost as poorly as some of the other students in my classes. They should be glad I'm not the instructor, because I would definitely use the red ink!

He also seems to be unable to differentiate between taking advantage of opportunities and being opportunistic. I guarantee you Obama knows the difference.

Someone should take his keyboard away before he does serious injury to himself.