Wednesday, January 07, 2009

WTW - The New Redneck Urbanism

Since I am a professional and it is my damn job, I decided to offer the solution to quite a few problems facing the Deep South at this particular point in history.

With the incoming administration, headed by a BLACK MAN!, we are going to experience a surge in joblessness, bankruptcy, and poverty unseen in the history of our country. Coupled with the ongoing recovery STILL! from Hurricanes Tina Katrina and Ike, plus the glut of formaldehyde laced trailers lying about in government subsidized trailer courts everywhere, the New Redneck Urbanism has the chance to solve all of the ills facing our country.

Stack 'em up and pack 'em in. Europeans and city dwellers approve, too!

Note: With the explosion of teen fertility in Mississippi, we prolly gonna need some mo' housing anyway. Yee Haw! We nummer won! (Hat-Tip: Christina Jade)

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ChristinaJade said...

nice photo - looks quite like something that would be seen here in west ky. i think i shall take the one on top and call it my penthouse.

btw - i curtsey to your hat tip, sir! :)