Monday, February 02, 2009

Barry has attacked my neighborhood and shut off power. He thinks only whites live here!

UPDATE: Getting the hang of this posting by phone! This just in, President Obamahateamerica has informed the military that military insurance shall institute a personal TWENTY PERCENT individual contribution. DEVELOPING!

Worst January in the history of the Dow. This matches the WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™

A site that breaks down the Welfare for Welfare Bill. WORST. CONGRESS. EVAH.™

Graphics showing the relative size of the proposed spending. WORST. CONGRESS. EVAH.™

Graphical musical depiction of the economy in Microsoft Songsmith. WORST. CONGRESS. EVAH.™

Sobering truths of how friggin' STUPID people have become. The cessation of knowledge collection at age five is a damn good idea!

President Barry's NUMBER ONE TASK of legalizing drugs is NOT a good idea. Blaze wit' me.

Cleveland continues its great ideas to promote prosperity. How have their ideas worked so far? Not so good. Oddly enough, their philosophy is the very same as the ideology behind the Welfare for Welfare Bill.

Debunking the myth that government spending helps the economy. WORST. CONGRESS. EVAH.™

President and Head Moron is Chief has his eyes set on becoming the most corrupt president evah. At least there is one area of excellence in the administration.

Lobbyists and tax cheats really SHOULD run our country. Barry is just so smart and honest.

SMOKING!!!!! Eeeeeek!!!!!

I, Barry Obama, promise to allow Muslims to KILL whomever they want. That is in the Oath of Office. WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™

"Barry Obama doesn't care about white people," says Kanye West. That is a joke, Kayne West is a racist moron.

To increase employment, individuals must be allowed to sue businesses out of business. More stunning stupidity from the WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™

Democrats love science and mathematics! Well, except for the factual kind.

Conservative talk radio is dead, because conservatism is dead
! Scratch that, LIBERAL talk radio is dead unless it is mandated and paid for with tax dollars. Conservative radio continues to make money hand over fist.

Let your racism come out and make fun of the Moron President.

NEGROES? In the GOP? Hell, freezing ovah.

Hypocrisy, theft, criminal behavior, and lying from the Moron Party. Daschle buys his glasses at the Elton John Optometrist Shoppe.

K-State is one of the best architecture schools in the nation? Really? Stunning. I never knew that designing grain elevators was good for business and awards from architects.

But, Wal-Mart sure has built a bunch of stores. My architecture school professors told me that designing Wal-Marts was a bad thing. I guess that is why they teach instead of design buildings?

All the Super Bowl commercials. In a land of newly minted mediocrity, these are best ads we can hope for. Pitiful. WORST. PRESIDENT. EVAH.™

Alls I can say is that there better be a little more on my blog check this week for posting this entire link-a-rama from my phone. And, from what I can see here, in a two inch square monitor, there are NO DAMN TYPOS.


The Mayor said...

Very impressive, not a typo to be seen.

Then again, I can't spell worth a damn.

Denise said...

Very nice indeed, TD. The only way I could do that would be if my phone were the size of a typewriter. But then I guess I'd have to get a phone, right?

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks for your kind comments, I just needed a pat on the head.