Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blackuary 14, 0001 AB - The Balemtimes Day Renewal

For the past eight years, we have experienced nothing but hate. The Obamessiah has changed all of that, so now all we feel is just plain stupidity. Watch an Obama speech. If you cannot imagine him thinking throughout the whole concert, "Bees in mah haid, bees in mah haid," then you just do not understand the thought processes of what is obviously a friggin' retard. Why do you think that he has so much trouble speaking unless someone else writes the words down and the force feeds him those words on a teleprompter?

Teleprompter Jesus, the new Messiah of the Moron Class. And his sheeple follow him to the edges of lunacy because they want someone just as stupid as themselves to lead them. Science, mathematics, engineering, medicine, all shall fall to the utter depths of FAILURE during the presidency of this buffoon. You were warned well before he even kicked off his campaign. Did you listen? Why Hell to the naw.

Welcome to the Obamanation.

But, at least the FUCKING criminal that replaced Teleprompter Jesus in the Senate has morals and some type of ethical restraint. Wait, NO HE DOESN'T.

Oh well, y'all murdered the country, on to the fun stuff.

On Twittah this week, I have been checking out new folks to follow. I seem to gravitate toward people that "Tweet" stuff that makes me laugh and I'll show you some funny, funny stuff folks on Twittah. By the way, you can add me at that button on the right side bar. And that would allow you to join the other 390 people in my newly created cult.

Here's some folks that you should check out and laugh at. They are fucking BONKERS.

Maya Angelou. She is N-U-T-S. The best part about it, she has no friggin' clue which words to capitalize. It would be hilarious, except for the part where there exist people that think she has TALENT.

Notorious B.I.G. Remember when I used to let you sleep on da couch?

Eddie Murphy. Naw, the good one, from back in the 1980s.

Hitler. Dang, he protected his updates. You have to "follow" him to see what he says. Sound familiar?

Bill Clinton. Put on your Haz-Mat suit, you don't want to get any of THAT on you.

Batman. He hasn't been posting recently though. You think that he's embarrased about that guy, that played him that last movie, going cussy-crazy?

Aquaman. Oddly enough, he went silent about the same time as Batman. Hmmmm.

Thomas Jefferson. He doesn't post much either, but I bet that is because he is DEAD.

By the way, the Obama stickers are out. Go get some and support your Moron President.

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