Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blackuary 18, 0001 AB - The Profession

On this day in 115 BB, the architect Paul Revere Williams was born. Oddly enough, this occurred before it was against the law for black people to love this country, hence his name. Since he was orphaned at age four, NO MAMA, NO DADDY, and attended an elementary school where he was the only black child, his victim mentality was unable to fester and grow the crust of failure.

Williams studied at the Los Angeles branch of the New York Beaux-Arts Institute of Design and went on to study engineering at uSCCC and began working as a landscape architect. The racists in California FINALLY allowed him to become an architect in 1921.

Williams was an upside down drawer. This is a technique that Wikipedia says stems from white folks not wanting to sit next to him, but that is absolute bullshit. My friend, The Wetback, can do the same thing. Wait, maybe it is racism! Seriously, when your client sits across the desk from you, it becomes imperative for you to be able to draw upside down, so they can see the things right side up. Get it?

Anyhoo, Paul REVERE Williams went on to design a bunch of buildings in Southern California. He was the first black architect west of the Mississippi, the first black architect allowed to join the American Institutes of Architects (back when that actually meant something), and won awards for his design of the MCA Building in LA.

And he actually had a dude that worked for him named A. Quincy Jones that went on to become an accomplished architect in his own right.

Also, on this day in black history, the moron Toni Morrison was born and the literature world embraced her crap, further disintegrating literature and marginalizing black folks that have writing talent.

By the way, I found a dating site for all those smoked-out, blazing black folks that love Tupac.

Naw, basketball is NOT a thug sport. Why would you think that? (Hat-Tip:[Dead] Tommy 5)

No matter what you have been taught for the past eight years, it is dreadfully WRONG to compare the president to Hitler. Well, it is now that Barry is president.

But, it is perfectly FINE to compare Barry to Gandhi! Goodness gracious, Barrystream Media, don't you know that Gandhi was a very little man, he is NO BARRY OBAMA!

Vladamir Putin calls Barry out on the Socialism. Uh, Putin calls the US President out on Socialism. Up is down, right is wrong, you get the picture.

TRANSPARENCY ALERT! Is there anyone at all shocked by the dishonesty and fecklessness of the Obama administration? Anyone?

Another Barry Obama buddy goes to the slammer. How many folks does Barry know? And how much is it going to cost us to house all of Barry's friends? MOST. CORRUPT. PRESIDENT. EVAH. (Seriously, if you want to create stimulus in the economy, why not just get all of Barry's friends to pay their taxes and send all of his criminal friends to jail. The construction of the facilities alone will provide millions of jobs.)

I really haven't figured out why Rahm Emanuel is not in jail already. And this doesn't help the case to allow him to continue to walk free. His title is Chief of Staff for the President of the United States. And "felon."

Wouldn't you think that Bernard Madoff was a Republican with all the screeching about him in the Barrystream Media? Well, 85% of his donations went to Democrats. R. Standford Allen is a poser compared to Bernie, but again, Allen is another criminal Democrat. SHOCKER!

Does anyone know exactly why Barry flew all the way out to Denver to sign the Welfare for Welfare Bill? Well, of course, it was to pay off one of his cronies and to promote the stupidity of throwing tax dollars down the "Green Hole." Corrupt to the core.

No, no, no, there are no Democrats calling for the re-institution of the Fairness Doctrine. That is just silly, according to the Barrystream Media.

Another silly thing from the Barrystream Washington Post, Sarah Palin was a drag on that awesomatic John McCain ticket. Folks, John McCain is a dumbass, the Democrats jumped party lines and got that moron nominated. That is certainly not hard to do when there are nearly three times the Democrats in this country than Republicans. 165 million to 58 million, yo. I know of ZERO Republicans that wanted the McCainiac as the nominee. As an aside, why was the election so damn close if there are so many more Democrats, hmmmm?

If budget cuts have to be made to balance your budget, ALWAYS cut services to folks that are LEGAL and speak ENGLISH. never cut those services for illegal, criminal aliens that speak Spanish, you know.

Layoffs continue to pile up in the architecture industry. Could it be because architects are friggin' stupid?

Exactly how stupid are architects? Well, dumb enough to embrace "green technology" and want to turn oil platforms into high dollar vacation spots. "Mildred, I have decided that we shall vacation at Exxon Platform Number 389 in the Gulf of Mexico!"

Design means making something function exactly the opposite of what it looks. Novelty is SMU-ART.

An architect's literal pile of dogshit.

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Reverse_Vampyr said...

I think I'm gonna need high blood pressure medicine before PBHO's term is over. Given the current pace of Democrat stupidity, I'll probably need it before the end of the month!

Paul Mitchell said...

The Dems in charge have certainly opened a fifty-five gallon drum of FAIL. Things can probably never be the same again, RV. That is somewhat depressing.