Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blackuary 19, 0001 AB - Tuskegee

Well, how about a change? "President" is the new "nigger."

I read that today in 1942, the first Tuskegee Airman were initiated. I can find no corroboration on that date. In fact, I have found many, many articles that contradict that date, but what the Hell, this is Blackuary and the truth means nothing as long as we are promoting the superiority of the black folks.

You have also heard a billion stories of how the Tuskegee Airmen never lost a bomber in all of their flying days. That is bullshit as well. They lost minimally twenty-five bombers to enemy fire, but what would black supremacy be without blatant out and out lying? Even our local papers at the time were promoting the "Never lost a bomber" story, even on the very days when bombers were being shot from the sky.

Now, am I trying to marginalize the Tuskegee Airmen? Of course not. I am simply telling the truth. Our airmen and soldiers are the best trained, most accomplished, and most successful fighting force in the history of the world. There exists no reason to lie about their accomplishments, but to actually try to state that the Tuskegee Airmen accomplished something that was too far-fetched for even the Tuskegee Airmen does reduce their accomplishment. They were good at what they did and they accomplished their missions, even while there was a decidedly Democrat racism occurring in this country. Quit the lies, folks, they are unnecessary and destroys all credibility with regards to an heroic group of men that were successful in the harshest of times. Read more.

Barry Obama could learn a thing or two from those heroes.

Trouble on the home-front for Barry and his band of criminals, yo.

Eric Holder, the lying sack of shit that Barry chose for Attorney General is in the news. This is probably because he is going to make Janet Reno look like an accomplished barrister, but let's take a gander at Eric's wins. Deported Elian Gonzales, lobbied for Marc Rich and the FALN terrorists to get pardons, and thinks that Americans are COWARDS.

Remember when Madeline Albright was Sec-uh-tary of State and the entire Middle East hated us? Round Two starts right now. Please recall that every single thinking person in the world FUCKING HATES THE CLINTONS.

What do you expect from an administration that passes the LARGEST GOVERNMENT SPENDING BILL IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD! and then states that we must ALL LEARN TO LIVE WITHIN OUR MEANS? I used to just think that Barry was a dumbass, now I know that he is stark raving insane.

But, I have always known that Barry is a criminal. HOME MORTGAGE PROBLEMS for the corrupt idiot.

More folks talking down the economy. Well, you now have the MORON in the White House that thinks Jimmah Carter was a good president, what the Hell do you expect?

But, but, but Barry backs Sharia Law! Thank the sweet Baby Jesus that it is just in Pock-i-Stahn for the time being.

Hopefully, Sharia Law will not happen overnight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, even though bank robbers and cop killers are wearing burqas now. Yes, Philadelphia is the place that served as our first national capitol. Long way from that now, huh?

Barry's good buddy, Representative John Murtha is embroiled in yet another stealing, corrupt, lying, cheating, douchebag scandal. I think that it is time to actually start prosecuting Democrats for their party affiliation, yo. (Hat-Tip: Malkin)

President Chimpy McDumbasfuckingshit and his moron army are up in arms about this cartoon. Granted, I do not see the humor in the cartoon, but there are boatloads of humor in the lefties responses to it. Does anyone recall the "cartoonist," Ted Rall doing a whole series of "cartoons" depicting Dr. Rice as a porch monkey? Or as a squawking Bush parrot? FAIRNESS DOCTRINE, you assholes.

I am unsure exactly what Al Sharpton is calling for over this cartoon, but I am certain that it cannot include any intelligent statements.

The greenies KILL more Africans. The "Reality-based community" could not even get farther from reality.

How about, "Abortion is SUPER FUN!" Take the time, folks, you will not be sorry.

Can anyone possibly see the problems with the federal government controlling your medical records? Oh yeah, plenty of people see the future of medical services.

What happened to "dissent is the greatest form of patriotism?" Well, that was before the Obamessiah took control. IN OKLAHOMA?

How can you get rich in the Age of Obama? Learn to be a whining, crying, little dumbass douchebag. WIN A PRIZE! Dang, we, the working folks, are DOOMED.

How about a breakdown on who exactly is going to get bailed out on bad mortgages? Yeah, I ain't too happy, neither.

Yet another Democrat says that they are not going to shut up their bitching, whining, complaining, and moaning. There is nothing new under the sun.

Fulmer Cupdate, Update One.

Fulmer Cupdate, Update Two. Mississippi boys make the board! Yay! Gun charges!

Fulmer Cupdate, Update Three.

CGI in the 1970s. We have regressed in my opinion.

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