Monday, February 23, 2009

Blackuary 23, 0001 AB - Mississippi Readmitted

On this day in 139 BB, post-Civil War control was relinquished and Mississippi was readmitted to the Union. Almost instantaneously, Democrats went right back to their former selves and the Ku Klux Klan began to terrorize Republicans in Mississippi.

Yes, the KKK was NOT a racist organization at the time, they were political. 100% of the members were and still are Democrats. Current membership stands at about 8000. One of whom is Senator Robert Byrd (Dumbass-WV).

What this means to black history is not yet known. Mississippi currently has more elected black government officials than any other state. We still have to receive federal approval of all election law, and we still have busing regulations that require a certain racial make-up of all of our public schools. AND, we still have the lowest median household income and our poor folks are STILL the least educated and the MOST likely to have kids as teenagers.

Sounds like government control is a surefire way to achieve FAILURE, huh?

Also on this day in 18 BB, ground troops rolled across the border into Iraq starting the ground campaign in the First Gulf War.

William Edward Burghardt Du Bois was born on this date in 141 BB. His claim to fame is as the "Father of Pan-Africanism" or "black separatism." What that means is that WEB DuBois is ultimately responsible for the victim mentality of the black race in the United States. Sadly enough, he was not LYNCHED by the black folks of his day and that loser ideology has allowed him to be heralded instead of ostracized. Such is the nature of "education" these days. Oh well. At least he is remembered. Sadly enough, his antagonist, George Washington Carver, is not as well known.

Quick note, DuBois thought that blacks should study liberal arts, Carver thought blacks should study engineering and mathematics. Which idea seems better? Sociology v. Physics.

As usual, Blackuary has made me LOSE THE WILL TO LIVE. Let's check out Barry's daily failures, mmmmkay?

Kevin Jackson takes down the "chimp cartoon." Dang, this guy is good.

Barry is going to institute John McCain's ideas of Cap and Trade this week. AWESOME! How many jobs is that going to cost us? About FOUR MILLION. When he said "save or create three million jobs," he meant that that is all there were be left after three months of an Obamoron presidency.

We keep hearing "Worst economy since the Great Depression." What they really mean is that Barry has created the worst economy since the records were kept on the stock market. Yes, the collapse of the market is ENTIRELY the fault of Democrats and Barry Obama. When the Democrats took Congress, the Dow was standing at 12398.01. Today, it is at 7295.02. The Dow has lost FORTY-TWO PERCENT of its value in TWO YEARS, because of Democrats.

And people STILL think that Democrats are smart. FORTY-TWO PERCENT LOSS IN TWO YEARS!

What else could Barry possibly do to further damage the economy? How about CARD CHECK?

What hurt business? UNIONS. Uh, okay, WHO did not know this? Please, who did not KNOW THIS?

And the typical Barrystream Media folks are STILL saying that Barry is amazing. Terry MORON says that being president is a step DOWN for Barry. And we all thought that there was NOWHERE for Barry to go but up. He was a fucking COMMUNITY ORGANIZER FOR SHITS SAKE.

Even a blind chimpanzee finds a hand on an old lady to eat every once in a while. BUSH DID NOT VIOLATE GENEVA. moonbats, shut the fuck up.

The Elizabeth Alexander inaugural poem is STILL not recognizing brisk sales. Well, NO SHIT, Sherlock. Who did not KNOW THIS? It might as well have been Maya Angelou.

GAY REPUBLICAN? NAW! Seriously, Republicans talk less about their sex lives than Democrats. SHOCKER.

The New York Times releases more classified information. Uh, how in the Hell does the Times get access to this information? Guess. It is because Barry's administration is absolutely incompetent.

American Jews are idiots. Yes, I agree, they hooked up with WEB DuBois to start a Nazi group that came to be known as the NAACP. That could have been a tip off, you know.

On the global warming front, there was a slight miscalculation of ICE at the poles. A miscalculation the size of FRIGGIN' California at the Arctic Circle ALONE. You know, a minor hiccup of 193,000 SQUARE MILES.

I give up, y'all. There is NO intelligent life left here on this planet.

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ChristinaJade said...

no. no, there isn't.

except your governor down there...i just love that guy. :)

Paul Mitchell said...

Haley is da bomb. He was the Chairman of the RNC when the Republicans took the Congress in 1994, too.

Paul Mitchell said...

Patrick, I read today that yet another 77 agri-businesses were seized in Zimbabwe. Wonder how long they will continue to produce FOOD? How does this victim mentality continue to survive and even flourish? I cannot stand even thinking about it anymore.

Morons leading morons to the slaughter makes me sick. And now, we have one as the friggin' president. The US was the world's very last hope.

ChristinaJade said...

very well-placed "WAS" in that last sentence.

just sayin'

Joubert said...

TD, it's more like Marxists leading morons. It was Lenin who originally decided to use the blacks in Africa to subvert Western civilization. Marxists now use multiculti moral relativism so we are no longer able to call a spade a spade and say that most Africans are not yet civilized.

Paul Mitchell said...

Patrick, you DID NOT just use the word "spade" while you were talking about black folks, didja? You African-Americans are funny as Hell.