Friday, March 20, 2009

Jesus, Please Help Barry, He's a Moron

First things, first. How would you like to wake up to the thought that the STIMULUS PACKAGE was following you? This is unnerving on so many levels that it took me fully fifteen minutes to make a pot of coffee.

Seriously though, that Twittah Playa is chronicling the ridiculous CRAP in the Welfare for Welfare LAW that Barry signed and foisted upon our kids. I am certain that when they are taxed at 200% daily, of their YEARLY income, they will thank us.

I have had this page open to publish for about three hours now and keep forgetting to finish this post, so here comes the dump.

To follow up his Presitard AWESOME comment about the Special Olympics last night, Barry jokes about his WATERHEAD DOG. Remember, there are folks that think Barry is SMART.

Basil thinks that the part of Barry's performance that is congruent to the Special Olympics is the job he is doing as PresiTard.

Some more jokes that Barry told on Leno. Yes, they are even better than the RETARD joke.

And obviously, since the PresiTard thinks that mentally challenged folks are FUNNY, so does Iowahawk.

One of those folks that thinks that Barry is smart, Keith Olbermann, a fucking moron in his own right, reports on the goings on surrounding AIG for weeks and still doesn't know that it stands for AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL GROUP or where it is based, nor any history of the company. JOURNALISM! FUCK YEAH!

Democrats in the news as well, doing wonderful things to help their constituents, wait, no that is not right. Oh, here it is, going to jail as usual. That makes fully 100% of all Democrats that are criminals. SHOCKER.

What wonderful generosity could that Democrat Pete Stark from San Francisco be up to today? How about trying to file Homestead Exemption in Maryland to keep from paying the ridiculous taxes in Cali. The number of criminal Democrats is now EXCEEDING 100%. They can defy mathematics!

One of the chief morons of the Democrat Party thinks that no one cares about the AIG thingy. And another chief Democrat blames it on the White House and their corruption. Seriously, they all need to wander out into the ocean.

Still more lying, corruption, and cover-up from TIMMAH! What in the Hell are those morons doing in DC? This administration seriously makes the Keystone Kops look competent. SERIOUSLY.

Now, Barry has gotten to the point of closing Press Awards ceremonies to the damn press. Folks, you just cannot make these things up. The Obamoron White House has become a parody of a parody of itself. HOPE-CHANGE!

Holy crap. A Culture Czar. WHAT. THE. HELL. Whose culture? To whom? From where?

While all of the civilized world burns and Barry tours the country trying to learn new jokes to offend more helpless people, the kissy-faces of Islam have seminars. (Hat-Tip: Tanalee)

If you do not know who the dude with the bloomers and fan belt on his head is, he is Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Al-Nafisi. Grand Wizard in the Islamic Cult.

Finally, you know that public sentiment has shifted when bashes the Barry White House for their press manipulation. AIG bonuses in perspective.

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