Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still Pissed About the Moron Y'ALL Elected

In the news this week, we find all kinds of idiotic drivel vomiting from DC in an attempt to mask the ever increasing stupidity coming from the White House. I am still waiting for news to break on The Darwin Awards of the unbelievable way in which Barry snuffs himself. I'm guessing that it will outdo the washing machine-dog urine stupidity, but I never rule out the head stuck in a bucket, falling down the grand stair nekkid method. I am just sure that it will be during a state function.

Seriously, the new morons in DC make Jimmy Carter look marginally intelligent by comparison.

By the way, can anyone tell me exactly how Barry got away with nominating Larry Summers to any post in the government, when the professors at Harvard got sick and had to flee the room when Big Lar spoke? Remember that shit? The entire Lesbian Militia was up in arms about that, and now NOTHING. Weird.

But, then again, we know how smart they are at Harvard right? They say that people that "believe" in Capitalism are crazy. Can we please stop pointing to Harvard as some kind of bastion of intelligence? IT IS NOT. Harvard is completely useless to anyone that is able to fend for him or herself. Trust me, I had two professors at We Suck that were professors at Harvard and neither of them could have been trusted to clean a friggin' litter box. They were from the special kind of imbeciles. Remember that monkey hand/jar/fruit exercise? FAIL.

Not only is everyone currently employed at the White House a complete moron, but the Congress is run by people that are too stupid to get jobs in that White House. Kids running summer lemonade stands are ten times more brilliant than our current Congressional leadership. Who caused the economic problems of today? THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE NOW. In the private sector, these buffoons would have been Naturally Selected for extinction.

Laverne is Shirley. (Yes, this is a continuation of the economic stuff.)

From The New York Times on mortgage bailouts. (Wear protection, don't get that shit on you.) Please try to find one single thing included that makes sense in this Obamoron Plan. Laverne IS Shirley.

At least we have one Democrat admitting that he is a complete simpering moron. Well, after he got called out for being a complete simpering moron. Dodd takes one for the team. I only hope that the team decides to press charges for fraud, embezzling, corruption, and stupidity. Conn, please be proud of your contribution to government. FUCKERS.

While the Barrystream Media tries to divert attention from the sand-poundingly stupid plans from the White House by bringing up the AIG bonuses, other DEMOCRATS are getting away with stealing real money. Obviously, there is some provision in the government regulations that say Democrats do not have to pay taxes.

Yes, AIG gave over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS to Barry's campaign. And to Chris Dodd. And to John Kerry. SHOCKER!

The circumstances surrounding this corruption of the Moron President happened before even I started watching this DOUCHEBAG. Obama gets in on the insider trading in the market. Can anyone tell me why the economy is in the shitter right now? Could it possibly be because Democrats are running the show?

But, instead of focusing on the feckless morons that are actually running government, let's ask Dick Cheney some leading questions about stuff. Anyone that thinks that Dick Cheney is not a good dude and is not incredibly smart, should be the President of Harvard.

Stuff like this just makes me want to puke. The Obamas are such disgusting human beings they make the Clintons look like they had a loving marriage. They want each other? Only sniveling idiots think that Barry and Michelle are humans.

Kevin Jackson calls BULLSHIT on Barry's lies concerning the military. The only fault that I can find with Kevin's post is that he states that Obama prepared a speech. He does refer to Barry as Idiot in Chief, so Kevin's got that going for him. I have read both of Barry's books, the idea that he could write a complete sentence is laughable. Well, unless it was racist propaganda.

Conservative Belle links to all the MAJOR PLAYERS from Mississippi that are on Twittah. Yes, I am a MAJOR PLAYER. And modest. And good looking. And smart.

Steve B celebrates his fourth Bloggy Birthday thingy
. I bookmarked it and then forgot about it. Kinda like he did. Yeah, he's one of my original blog friends from the old days.

Here's a new site that I added to my Reader. And you should, too. The Republican Reporter.

(Image contributed by [Dead] Tommy 5, it makes me laugh.)

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ChristinaJade said...

y'know, these link-dump thingys really make me incredibly tired. *whew*

christinajade said...

y'know, these link-dump thingys really make me incredibly tired. *whew*