Friday, April 24, 2009

Calling a Spade a Spade

Democrats see themselves as "pragmatists." From Websters, we find the definition to read, "a person who is oriented toward the success or failure of a particular line of action, thought, etc.; a practical person."

Do you see the perversion of our language?

There has never been, in the history of the Democrat Party, a single idea, thought, action, or a piece of legislation emerge that deals with success or thought, other than to run from them. From the post yesterday, you saw Evan Sayet just flat-out say that they were wrong on EVERYTHING. This is so obviously true that one simply must wonder if it is by design.

It becomes increasingly obvious also, that it IS by design. Democrats want everyone to be poor, uneducated, living in hovels, and coming to Democrats to receive their paltry piece of government cheese.

Everything that Democrats do, say, or believe is WRONG. Completely.

Daily, I have taken to listening to the ABC Market Watch segment on the news. There has never existed a "news" broadcast that has ever been so damned wrong on everything that they state as news. There cannot BE any possible way that they are MORE wrong.

From yesterday's Market Watch at noon: "Stocks are mixed on the good news from automakers."

In case you did not know this, automakers announced YESTERDAY MORNING that sales are DOWN 33% from this very same time last year. GOOD NEWS? You decide.

Also, YESTERDAY, General Motors announced a temporary SHUTDOWN at thirteen plants across the Midwest. Good news? What about Chrysler announcing YESTERDAY that the Treasury Department is preparing the bankruptcy filing for Chrysler. Good news?

From yesterday's Market Watch at noon despite the "news" that stocks were MIXED: "The DOW has returned the gains that were made earlier this week."

At the time that they made that ASININE statement, the DJIA was DOWN 232.50. FOR THE WEEK! Just so you know, RIGHT NOW, the DJIA is DOWN 174.27 for the week.

Since it is overwhelmingly obvious that Democrats have absolutely NO FRIGGIN' CLUE who makes money, creates wealth, employs people, or provides innovation, one has to wonder if there is any reason for them to exist. How is it even possible that they can exist in a sane world?

Folks, I simply cannot turn a blind eye to this. I know that it is frustrating to y'all to read this same message daily from me, but dang, dang, dang, I am trying to get rich while there are decidedly STUPID people running this country whose sole goal is to make everyone poor. They even blatantly LIE on news reports to make themselves APPEAR knowledgeable on issues.

They even point to other folks that pointed out the Democrats WRONGNESS as part of the problem. You know, calling this economic calamity "George Bush's fault." And also, just so you know, that is a flat-out LIE, too. Bush went to Congress numerous times to tell them that Fannie and Freddie were going to cause a crash in the housing bubble.

Democrats vehemently stated there was NO BUBBLE.

From June 27, 2005, the Supreme Moron Representative Barney Frank (Dumbass-Masshole). This is just flat-out stolen from Gateway Pundit.

Ignore his words about ACTIVELY seeking to destroy the housing market and to ignore credible lending standards, Barney Frank actually says, "Speculation is never a good thing."

From Websters again: speculate - invest at a risk.

All investments bear a risk. All of them. To invest MEANS to speculate. In other words, to Barney Frank, no one should invest in anything. Wow, just wow.

In case you are unaware, Barney Frank is the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and believes that investing in ANYTHING is "never a good thing."

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The Mayor said...

What are you on about?

Unemployment is at a record low, the banks are lending $$$ and are flush with cash and profits. The *Big Three* have seen record profits and we have ended all overseas incursions.

All is well, now go and have a refreshing sleep.

Paul Mitchell said...

You know, the unemployment thingy is going to jump in just 1.5 more months.

I'll bet you a planet that it does. Your choice which planet.

Skunkfeathers said...

Barney Frank is merely proof that his district in Massachusetts is inhabited by the dumbest of the dumbed-down education idiots within the borders of these United States. Absolutely no piece of relevant, cogizant, reasoned logic can explain this stumbling, fumbling, total dolt of a simpering liberal MORON being in any elected office for more than the time it takes for the voters to realize what a complete criminal MORON he is.

Thus...his district in Massachusetts is amongst the dumbest per capita of stupid people in the USA. Period. End of story.

ChristinaJade said...

Yes, Barney, you continued to push for home ownership. And now all those folks are losing those homes. GOODY!

Fixin' to start working' on the garden spot in the yard. Of course, if HR875 passes, that could put an end to family gardens.

Can we all just go take over a small island now?

Paul Mitchell said...

If we are divvying up the islands, I call The Americas. Y'all can have all the rest of them. I don't mind.

ChristinaJade said...

TD, you think big. That's a good thing. Can I have Kentucky?

Unknown said...

I'll take ANY island that's liberal-free.

Mike said...

I'll take ANY island that's liberal-free.

christinajade said...

TD, you think big. That's a good thing. Can I have Kentucky?