Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Change of Pace for my Post - Poor People

I usually get up, do some work to get that in my mind to keep me from playing internet watchdog all day, brew some coffee, and then read the news. My post usually comes after that. A comment from last night has been gnawing at me, though, and I decided to mix the schedule up a bit.

Thanks, Patrick, a lot of what you say makes me think about things that I normally wouldn't think about.

Let's talk about poor people and ways to genuinely help them to NOT BE POOR.

Our economy is a very mixed bag here in the United States. We have the federal government pouring over all kinds of data to try to accomplish certain things. Now, remember, government employees are usually morons. Why would getting the Fed involved in the economy EVER be a good thing? To have morons in charge of the MONEY THINGS the WORLD over is probably a bad idea.

Witness the New Moron President. He has not made one move that any intelligent person would make on any issue, the economy is no different. Just a little history, when Democrats are in charge of this country, everyone LOSES money. Even the poor people. Why is that and what can we do about it?

The obvious answer is to never elect Democrats, but the Republicans also went on a spending spree when they were in charge. So, they cannot be trusted much more than Democrats, who can NEVER be trusted.

Since I firmly believe that every problem has a solution, I thought about poor people. I really thought about it, to the tune of losing about thirty minutes of sleep. You see, I am NOT a moron, so solving problems doesn't take fifty years for me.

For poor people to stay poor they have to continue to do exactly what people that are poor do, which is NOTHING. There are plenty of folks that lose their jobs, have very little money for a short period of time, and then get another job. They suffer setbacks. But, the folks that are perpetually poor do not follow that model.

If you want poor folks to enjoy the success that UNpoor folks enjoy in this country, QUIT GIVING THEM FREE STUFF. Just stop doing it.

If you look back across the years, you shall notice that instead of reducing the number of poor folks in this country, government subsidies have INCREASED them to the point of entire families never having hit a lick at a snake. I have seen this exact thing with three complete generations of a family living in a Section 8 housing complex for their entire lives with no one in the family ever having a job.

Patrick commented, "Why did you climb Everest?" Because it was there. "Why are you on welfare?" That answer is definitely obvious.

I remember back in my youth, my parents would tell me to stay away from the bums, they were not good people. Now, there are entire government and private agencies set up to EXALT the bums. Folks, that is screwed up.

We have gotten to the point of actually allowing others to make us feel guilty for NOT wanting to help people that obviously DO NOT want to do anything for themselves. When the Democrats closed down all of the mental institutions back in the 1960s, of course we suddenly got a glut of those folks that could not work. THEY WERE CRAZY!!!!

Now, we have entire cottage industries set up to EXTORT government money to help those folks that are NOT crazy, but are too damn lazy to work. Stop giving these people money, and you will help eradicate the homeless and poor people problem in this country.

And for the love of G_d, quit sending money to the Third World dictatorships around the globe, maybe if they are left to their own devices, they can become human beings again.

I am dreadfully tired of picking up the paper, on a daily basis, and reading some sob story about some mother that has thirteen children with thirteen different fathers, and no source of income. She did it, no one else did.

Cut them off.

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MAS1916 said...

The only way out of this is to insist that everyone follow the same path of personal responsibility. ou have a bunch of kids, you figure out how to raise 'em.

Being poor though, will be an asset when Obama begins to turn his redistribution engine on. Unfortunately, it won't run forever and will require ongoing taxpayer fuel.

ChristinaJade said...

Thing is, I've seen the system work. The problem is, for every one time the system actually HELPS someone who is genuinely down on their luck get back on their feet, there are literally THOUSANDS who just live off Uncle Sam and don't even TRY to do a dang thing for themselves.

As for sending our money that we really don't have out of the country. Dang. I agree. That's just freakin' stupid. Really.

Skunkfeathers said...

The welfare entitlement state has taken several generations to create a class of folks with next to none (class). No work ethic. No desire to get one.

To fix it will take just as long. And the abolition of Democrats.

Until then, you'll have an overload of obese Oprah watchers, calling 911 when the local McDonalds runs out of McNuggets, and blaming Bush for it.

HareStew said...

Cut them off is right. Poverty, hunger, prostitution, and conflict are part of the human condition. Always has been and always will be. Get over it , get past it, and move on. To hell with them.

HareStew said...

Cut them off is right. Poverty, hunger, prostitution, and conflict are part of the human condition. Always has been and always will be. Get over it , get past it, and move on. To hell with them.