Saturday, April 11, 2009

One More Day or So...

I am about finished with the overwhelming amount of slavery that I grabbed in the last month, so hopefully a BIG SLEEP is in my near future. I have no clue what the first of the week shall bring with two reviews to handle.

I hope that both clients will be satisfied and PAY ME. Money, profit, and income are ALWAYS good things.

Of course, in lieu of actual webbywordyblarking, I have been pumping Twittah full of awesome over the past two weeks and have had marginal success in the ranking of my mediocrity. TwitterGrader currently shows "meanolmeany" ranked at 12,295 out of 1,970,743. Our Twittah is also ranked FOURTH in Jackson and NINETEENTH in Mississippi. So, we are getting PURDY DANG SKRONG on Twittah. Please note on the Jackson and the Mississippi rankings, we are DIRECTLY behind the Clarion Ledger, the world's WORST newspaper. That's funny.

Oh, add the DAMN FEED to this blarq, too. I can't figure out that damn feed, one day it's at 22 readers and the next it is at 60 readers. Little hepp on that from a KNOWY person?

Linky dumping to follow:

I have been a G-Mail player for a few years now and really think that it is awesome. Over the past month, they have been adding features like mad and one that I really like is the improved search tool. That search has gotten so much better that at some point in the very near future, labels might be all but irrelevant. Google developers are DAMN competent.

The Mayor of Mitchieville was running a series this past week called, "Why Can't I Find a Damn Jobby-Job" and it was quite possibly the highlight of the Interspacywebbs this month. Seriously, why anyone would even SPEAK to a Democrat, must less hire one, dumbfounds me.

You all know how much I like Kevin Jackson's The Black Sphere, and this video of him punking out FDR is no exception. Watch it. Here, Jackson takes on Barry's desire to control the weather.

In the United States, NO national media outlet will say a single derogatory word about the Obamoron. Gladly, they do not have that same problem in the United Kingdom. Pantywaist?

Even with the New Moron President and his merry band of feckless idiots setting new stupidity records, Hillary Clinton stands alone in the Hatetard class.

Billy Bob Thornton interviews Joaquin Phoenix. Wouldn't take open a BLACKHOLE of idiocy?

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