Monday, May 18, 2009

Getting Back to Basics

When this blog was enjoying the greatest traffic, I was spending all day, every day talking about the stupidity of racism. From all parties involved. Since I have lost almost all of the daily traffic, I decided to continue the model that has caused me to lose all the traffic.

Yes, this blog has OFFICIALLY decided to follow the model set by the new Moron President. If something doesn't work, double down and keep trying that very tactic. I anticipate that traffic shall start booming again, very soon.

So, let's linkdump.

I am struggling to get a grip on exactly what the ramifications are for Chrysler dumping dealerships. Oddly, Chrysler is trying to dump under-performing dealerships, doesn't this DIRECTLY CONTRADICT the economic plan of the Obamoron? Why would the Obamoron Administration sign off on a bankruptcy plan that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they are trying to accomplish on a national scale?

My favorite part of this? The LOSER DEALERSHIPS are suing. Come on, when Democrats EAT Democrats, it is funny and you know it. Yes, all losers are Democrats. Facts are important here, you know.

In case you were unaware, every time that the Democrats control government, everyone gets poorer. This is a known FACT, proven beyond any doubt with math. Anyone want to take me up on the bet of the FACT that unemployment will skyrocket right around the end of July?

The big dust-up over the weekend was the Obama-Sex-Fest at Notre Dame. Being a Catholic, I have never understood how other Catholics could actually vote for Democrats. I have never understood how Blacks, or Jews, or Asians could vote for Democrats either, but that is unimportant to this diatribe. You see, the outreach arm of the Democrat Party, the Ku Klux Klan, actually assaulted and killed Catholics almost as often as they killed Blacks, Jews, and Asians, so in order to support the Democrats, you must support the Klan. Why Democrats embrace the Klan is beyond my comprehension, but I have never been an idiot or a moron, so I guess I do not have to understand what idiots or morons do.

Here's the best post that I saw regarding Barry Obama's "Graduates, You Have to Kill More Babies" speech at Notre Dame.

By the way, yesterday when I posted that about NOT watching Barry's speeches, I did not take into account that maybe there are even more sinister elements at work here. Gateway Pundit has a You Tube video of the protesters that actually has 175 comments, yet only 308 viewers on the You Tube counter. Wow! A comment ratio that high has never been achieved in the history of the world! Oddly, it is simply MORE proof that there are no truths or facts surrounding the alleged support for this president and his policies. SHOCKER!

While Barry was in South Bend promoting the slaughter of the unborn, Doddering Joe Biden was drunkenly stumbling around DC, assaulting Black people, raping women, and divulging NATIONAL SECURITY SECRETS. When Barry said, "Nobody messes with Joe," he meant that nobody ever wants to hear Joe speak, see Joe in the immediate area, or ever hear anything about what Joe has ever done in his lifetime. I have just been sent the actual questionnaire that the search committee used to pick the Vice Presidential candidate. It had one question, "Who is the MOST fucktarded, imbecilic, douchebag that has ever been to DC?" There was only one possible answer. (Plus, you gotta love that photo on the linked page. I mean really, that guy even looks like a pompous asshole with DEAD eyes. Damn, that photo creeps me the Hell out!)

When we heard all that hub-bub about all the stimulus money that was going to be spent for "infrastructure," I really never thought about the FACT that there would be "Obama for President" propaganda involved with every single project. But, THERE is. Dang, we need to get busy on producing that ONE BILLION dollar bill with Barry's FACE tattooed all over it.

Belittling link of the day: Obama is SPOCK! The Spock in the Special Olympics!

Coffee Bean has a post up at her political blog asking the all important question, "What do you think is the most important or several most important things to pay attention to right now in regard to American politics?" Obviously, the answer is "Paper or plastic?"

Here's some Twittah hashtag services. Without the Twittahers using hashtags, I would never know who to ignore. That is important to know when you are the NUMBER ONE Twittaher in Jackson, Mississippi. INFLUENCE, it's what's for dinner. (Yes, I am more influential on Twittah than the largest newspaper in the state of Mississippi.)

Finally, Girl on the Right and Brass Balls Radio has their FIRST ANNIVERSARY EDITION posted for your enjoyment. Mark Steyn guest hosts, too! It is just like Rush Limbaugh! I haven't listened to it yet, but that Mark Steyn guy talks funny. Odds say that he ain't from around here.


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Joubert said...

Mark Steyn is an Irish Jew whose family moved to Canada.

Paul Mitchell said...

Well, that is just weird, huh?

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Well, that is just weird, huh?