Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HuffPo Links THE BLOG

All of the sudden my inbox blew up with assclown e-mails and I had no clue why.

Dang, boy, those folks sure are friendly, you know!

But, this explains everything, huh?

THIS is what MoronPo linked.

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classicaliberal said...

You got linked on HuffPo, then moonbats followed the link to your site to call you an assclown?! AWESOME! I'd venture to guess that the majority of the complaints were that the readers didn't understand the meaning of some of the big words on this page like 'the,' 'Biden,' and 'a.'
The most compelling thing I've ever seen on HuffPo is a link to this site. Way to go!

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks, CL, they are not very nice folks. But, at least they AREN'T as nasty as the Muslims that e-mail me.

classicaliberal said...

Well, it is the religion of peace*, after all.

*Peace, translated from the Sumerian word Paecek, which means to remove the head of an infidel with a dull blade.

Steve B said...

Free speech means that your are free to say whatever they want you to.

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