Thursday, May 07, 2009

National Prayer Day

Today is National Prayer Day. In my entire lifetime, there has never been a better time to hit my knees and pray for the future of our country. Please understand that the United States of America is the best, most moral, and most successful country in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD.

Our poor drive Escalades and have sixty inch plasma televisions. The least of our citizens are equal to most other countries' RICHEST. But, still the worst people in our country desire to take more from the best people in our country.

Even to the point of electing the MOST CORRUPT government EVAH in our history.

And expecting the good people to like it. And to SHUT. UP.

The left throughout the entire Bush Administration was screeching that Bush was taking away their rights. We see for a FACT that statement was untrue because we now have a fully Democrat government that is completely KNEE DEEP in FRAUD, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, and CORRUPTION.

And there is actually legislation that has made it to the floor that EXPLICITLY removes our individual right to FREE SPEECH. The Democrats make NO BONES about producing, promoting, and bringing to the floor, legislation that abolishes our RIGHT to talk badly about them.

HR1966 (READ IT!!!) silences any dissenting voice, YET! there is absolutely ZERO screeching from the Left about this bill. What is even worse is that the bill is so absolutely vague that it can mean ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL. Where does this slippery slope end?

I would like to believe that this bill was written SPECIFICALLY with this little blog in mind, but anyone with a functioning brain can tell you that this is the very beginning to complete government control over news and information distribution. Only the government approved stories shall be allowed to see the light of day should this bill pass.

It is EXACTLY what the Left accused Bush of attempting. At some point, even the dumbest Leftist, Barry Obama, must recognize that it is the Left's camp that is filled with Fascist, racist, hate-filled, anti-American folks.

Honestly, I do not care if this bill passes. I shall NEVER follow it. NEVER. Throw me in jail for FOLLOWING THE FIRST AMENDMENT, you fascists.

What is hardest for me to accept about the declining intelligence in our country is that there are so many lessons in history that definitively point out that the direction our country is going is utterly, completely WRONG. But, there exist some folks that see things differently. Sorry, WRONGY-WRONG PEOPLE, just because you have an idea, and your side is greater in number now, DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU ARE RIGHT. (See: Anthropomorphic Global Warming)

I was reading my FREE newspaper yesterday and there was an article stating that Ben Bernanke thinks that the economy shall be better by year's end. An article much like THIS ONE. The weird thing about that article was that it was placed on the very same page that had other stories about the rising unemployment rate, additional bank failures, more businesses filing bankruptcy, falling currency value, and additional bailouts of business. Absent from that page was the FACT that minimum wage shall increase a mere two months from now EXPLODING the unemployment rate, yet again. The same as in the past two Julys.

Where in the mortal HELL does Ben Bernanke get the idea that the economy shall get better? There is NOT ONE SINGLE METRIC that could possibly give him that false idea.

Not only that, I watched a video from Glen Beck where he was interviewing the NATIONAL SPOKESMAN for ACORN who was defending ACORN's corruption and FRAUD. If a guy that I have never heard of can get a television show and call out Barry Obama's former employer on fraud and corruption like Beck does, do you see the reason for the "Stifle Free Speech" legislation from the Congress?

Watch the video. We have become a nation of idiots. Beck included.

I have no idea who this Beck guy is, but if this is any indication of how his show is, why would anyone watch it? What kind of idiot would actually INVITE a representative of ACORN to ooze out of his gangster hideout to be shown on television? You might as well invite James Carville or some other moron from the Democrat Party.

It is a sad state of affairs when Bill Clinton appears to be an upright citizen compared to the current presidential administration. Sad indeed.

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Roland Hulme said...

glenn Beck deserves to be punched repeatedly in the face.

Not that I would condone any such violence. Besides, I'm an Atheist and therefore don't believe that somebody like Glenn Beck is destined to get what he deserves no matter how much he deserves it.

That HR1966 bill is SCARY.

Paul Mitchell said...

I totally agree Roland, why would anyone allow ACORN or friends/colleagues of the Moron President ANOTHER outlet for their propaganda?

We have to get Barry out of the White House.

ChristinaJade said...

*says in a small meek voice* But I like Glenn Beck...

The IDIOT representing ACORN, is a complete and total potatohead who needs a helmet. You gotta watch this follow-up to that. You just gotta.

Unknown said...

Wrong again A-hole. This is from your link to HR1966, which is an anti cyber-bullying bill.
Congress finds the following:

(1) Four out of five of United States children aged 2 to 17 live in a home where either they or their parents access the Internet.

(2) Youth who create Internet content and use social networking sites are more likely to be targets of cyberbullying.

(3) Electronic communications provide anonymity to the perpetrator and the potential for widespread public distribution, potentially making them severely dangerous and cruel to youth.

(4) Online victimizations are associated with emotional distress and other psychological problems, including depression.

(5) Cyberbullying can cause psychological harm, including depression; negatively impact academic performance, safety, and the well-being of children in school; force children to change schools; and in some cases lead to extreme violent behavior, including murder and suicide.

(6) Sixty percent of mental health professionals who responded to the Survey of Internet Mental Health Issues report having treated at least one patient with a problematic Internet experience in the previous five years; 54 percent of these clients were 18 years of age or younger.


(a) In General- Chapter 41 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

`Sec. 881. Cyberbullying

`(a) Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication, with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause substantial emotional distress to a person, using electronic means to support severe, repeated, and hostile behavior, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

And this is a Bush White House memo, saying that it's OK for the President to scrap freedom of speech.

ps You suck donkey balls.

Unknown said...

Paul Mitchell said...

Thanks Kevin for actually reading the link and STILL not understanding it and seeing the implications of the Bill.

You guys on the left really have no brains, huh?

But, your Messiah is doing a great job isn't he?

ChristinaJade said...

He said donkey balls.