Sunday, May 03, 2009

Two Dogs Reads the News - For FREE!

Most of y'all know that I canceled the daily delivery of the Clarion Ledger, and most of y'all know that I continue to receive it FOR FREE! Sadly, that is exactly what it is worth. In the last six months, they have reduced the volume of content and more recently have reduced the actual size of the paper, all while maintaining the SAME PRICE!!! What a great business model. "Let's see, we have been hemorrhaging readers with the greater content and size, let's try to get more readers by offering LESS! That seems to be a great idea!"

No wonder newspapers are on the way out.

Anyhoo, the local candidates for Tuesday's elections are in today's issue. The fun part about that is those candidates are the very same folks that ALWAYS run and win the elections, there are very few new faces. Surprisingly, the new faces appear (at first blush) to be even MORE incompetent than the existing batch of idiots that currently run Jackson.

The C-L has actually ENDORSED Harvey Johnson for Jackson Mayor, despite the FACT that just four short years ago, Johnson was the target of virtually every article of vitriol spewed by the paper. That was because he had been Mayor for eight years without a single accomplishment!

That was before Frank, though.

Face it Jackson, until y'all stop electing the same folks, NOTHING is going to change. The politicians that are busy destroying your city are not going to miraculously change their ideology when you elect them to higher and higher positions. They are winning because you agree with their BAD ideology.

If you have Jackson, Mississippi on your list of places that you want to visit, scratch it off the list NOW. It is going to be the next Detroit.

Here's a new city slogan that I am offering Jacktown for their visitor's campaigns. I am offering this free of charge, of course.

When you visit, bring your car and your life, and leave them both in Jackson!

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