Thursday, June 04, 2009

And Now, Straight To the Bad News!

As usual, the overwhelming incompetence that is oozing from DC is slowly corroding the world. With the help of a corrupt state run media organization, the Executive Branch of the Almighty Federal Government has turned our country into a worldwide laughing stock in less than five months. Our republic cannot outlast this administration without some serious resistance. Let's get it done.

The MASTODON on the pool table is the legislation that is currently moving through Congress to introduce Cap and Trade. Folks, this shall be the utter death of ELECTRICITY. And since the government is also heralding legislation to FORCE you to use electric cars, Cap and Trade shall KILL the mobility of the population. Food shall become scarce, consumables shall be impossible to acquire, and we SHALL ALL STARVE TO DEATH.

I am not exaggerating. You know that you cannot grow enough food to feed your family, you know that you do not OWN your land outright, and you know that if you fail to pay your house note, you shall be living on the street.

The most intelligent president that the nationalized media has ever known has already led us to the slave pen to be sold to his corrupt cronies in his ideological camp. Get ready, they are coming for you, I am not kidding. A conservative total number of people killed since 1900 by Communism, or the preferred government of Barry Obama and his ilk, is approximately one hundred seventy MILLION people, NOT including war dead. Those war dead account for another eighty million people. That is almost the total population of the United States TODAY.

Most folks are really not concerned with the state of politics in our nation, they vote for their local positions without any concern about what is going on in DC, BUT, therein lies the problem. Over the course of my lifetime, the federal government has maliciously intertwined itself into every facet of our lives. It shall take an insurrection the size and scope of a revolution to turn these people OUT.

We already HAVE a federal currency. The current government has made great strides to reduce its value as quickly as possible. Starting two YEARS before Obama even took office, the Democrat led Congress immediately reduced the value of currency by increasing minimum wage. Not ONLY did that very same Congress go on a spending spree, but George W. Bush signed the legislation that spent that very money. Money that had to be removed from the economy to spend.

What else is the federal government doing to remove wealth from this country? How about passing legislation that shall FORCE our most advanced companies to leave our country and locate elsewhere? Steve Ballmer says Microsoft is contemplating a MOVE if they pass MORE taxes on foreign profits. That is 12,000 jobs in Puget Sound ALONE.

Another aspect of the typical state run media talking about the economic situation is the increases in the S&P 500. To date, the S&P is UP this year about 10%. Funny though, all of those gains are in copper and oil. Wonder what those two things have to do with the increases? Let's just say, those increases are patently DOUBLE-PLUS UNGOOD.

Since Barry Obama forced General Motors to surrender all assets to the federal government for REDISTRIBUTION to contributing parties, GM is considering selling Hummer to the Chi-Coms. Wonder why a company in China is even remotely interested in buying Hummer, when the product the interested company manufactures is HEAVY EQUIPMENT? I am guessing that they have but one purpose and it must be military. Barry says, "The Chinese are frikkin' AWESOME, yo!" And then Obama installs a thirty-one year old guy, with ZERO automotive experience, to see to the dismantling of General Motors.

Kevin Jackson adds fuel to the auto fire.

Still you disagree? What about the fact that there are literally no sound metrics that say anything with the economy is looking upward? We held this complacency to heart when Jimmy Carter was first elected. It took fours years to get rid of his lunacy and still to this day, Jimmy places himself front and center at all times given the chance. MORON.

According to Barry's propaganda arm, the state run media, unemployment claims FELL last month. Well, if half a million new claims is "falling," what is RISING?

Still looking for the good economic news, folks. Still looking.

What about the policies the current administration is developing toward national security? Well, they kinda dropped the ball on yet another Muslim terrorist that carried out a MURDER in Little Rock. And they dropped that ball because of their political ambitions. It is somewhat disturbing to me that the Obama administration has politically decided to REFUSE to investigate prIslamists that go to Yemen to train to be a terrorist. You know, Obama's ideology is kinda proven to be wrong regarding the Muslim faith. Coupled with the fact that Barry thinks that the United States of America is a good place for the Religion of Peace to control. Methinks that this is really, really bad.

What other calamity could befall our great nation that would endanger our citizens' lives? What about the government POSTING the locations of nuclear facilities and hazardous materials facilities around the country coupled with ways to destroy them? This incompetence should not be permitted by We the People.

I just simply cannot wrap my head around the media these days. They eviscerated President Bush for no reason a lot of the time, yet they bow and submit to Obama?

i just simply do not understand.

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Anonymous said...

the answer is simple-hes the antichrist

bayouchild said...

the answer is simple-hes the antichrist