Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Etiquette and Good Manners

Last week I received a comment that appeared to be a nice one with a request to read the post another blogger wrote about me. I went to the commentator's blog and to my surprise it was nothing nice at all. I basically got called a ignorant hick.

I am okay with that and get it quite a bit. That is fine, no blood, no foul.

However, my blog post was used in a classroom setting at Georgia Tech. For exactly what purpose, I am unsure, but I would assume since most college professors adhere closely to the intellectually incurious ideology, I assume that it could not be good.

Anyhoo, I took much time writing an interblarg note to my new found troll offering some much needed tips since he was new to the webbyblargs. And oddly enough, I was nice about it, too. I have received NO RESPONSE. Even though I know that he has read my e-mail and actually used one of my tips.

By the way, all of y'all that tried to help our little friends basically got called STEAMY TURDS for helping him to understand his wrongness.

Here's the e-mail that I sent the young lad, tell me if it sounds harsh.


I do hope this e-mail finds you doing well. As a newcomer to blogging, trial by fire is a good way to start. As you apparently found out quickly, regular readers (to any blog) do take it personally when you attack their ideology. However, I do want to offer some unsolicited advice. Be prepared to back up your ideology or opinion in any debate. Those of us that have been blogging for any amount of time can find resources at the drop of a hat. And also, blogs are the ONLY source that is legitimate these days. In case you were unaware, ABC just ran an infomercial on their network (during prime time!) for our president regarding healthcare. They accepted NO OPPOSING VIEW. Did they perform their duties REQUIRED by acceptance of their RIGHTS guaranteed by the First Amendment? Hardly.

One of the best sources for world and country news today would be Gateway Pundit. Check it out, you will get your news and information unfiltered through the typical media bias.

On a regular basis, I engage liberals on Twitter in a battle of 140 characters and I am always amazed at the amount of support the left must have to debate. A standard debate with any leftist that I engage is usually a minimum of eight on one. And yes, intelligence and knowledge trumps feelings and hunches every time. That is the nature of political debate, but I do not REQUIRE a posse. Be informed and also KNOW that HuffPo is NOT a reference. It is the very same as using MSNBC to bolster your point. Howard Zinn is also forbotten. I think that it would be really hard to reach the ripe old age of eighteen without knowing that the journalism profession is overrun with the typical misinformed liberal ideology.

Also, NEVER bring Nazis into the debate if you are debating the Democrat/Liberal side. Nazis are the epitome of Liberal. I think that we covered that ground pretty well, though.

Just for your information because you did have the guts (or insanity) to jump into the mix without doing any research on me at all. I have not listened to Limbaugh since 1991. I do not watch television at all either, unless it is a baseball game that I really want to see. You see, my opinions are mine and I voice them loudly. If you check my sidebar, you shall find all sorts of information about my opinions on different topics. Check under 'Search Me' for the labels. Those opinions were developed over years of voracious reading and I read everything. My opinions regarding our current president were established well before most people had even heard of Barry Obama. My first post on him was in October of 2005. I read both of HIS books, too. How many people that voted for him do you think actually read the racist tripe called "Dreams from my Father?"

I also read over 200 blogs and news sites daily. I am self-employed and operate at all hours of the day and night.

I do apologize for letting the comment section get somewhat out of hand yesterday and you experiencing the piling on, I was not in my office most of the day and was posting from my phone, which I am wont to do when receiving numerous comments. iTAP blows. My comment policy is also placed on the sidebar as well under "About Me and the Blog." I hope you did not get roughed up too badly to return. All opinions are welcomed, but do remember that it is MY BLOG.

I shall say this in the defense of my ideology for no particular reason. Conservatism is NOT about passing legislation to promote a conservative agenda. It is quite simply limited government. To give you a very good perspective of where I stand, we can look at gay folks marrying. The fact that government is involved in any marriage AT ALL is WRONG. The only reason that it is used as a government sanction, vehicle, whatever, is to TAX IT. If two adult dudes want to hug up on each other, that is their DAMNED BUSINESS. Yes, there are some folks on the conservative side that want to legislate certain things, however they are wrong in their opinions. To outlaw abortion is stupid, it is wrong and should have a social stigma so firmly placed around it that no one would ever do it. Do we need a law? Not in any way.

Also think about this basic terminology. If the "left" is for total government control, what would the "right" want? Zero government control. Right and left are supposed opposites, correct? Yet oddly, the anarchists are also marching alongside the communists in Democrat ideology. Can you explain that? No, because it makes no sense. Ideology and philosophy are key in this life. Develop yours and make it your own.

Now, the inline comments on your blog prohibit me from commenting. Firefox and my firewall do not allow me to enter my user name to post. There is a setting on the Blogger Dashboard Settings/Comments tab that chooses the Comment Form Placement. "Pop-up window" works best for all browsers and it doesn't require the person to leave your main page to comment. Leakage of folks from the front page is BAD for traffic.

Anyhoo, thanks for commenting and thank your teacher for putting my blog up, no matter how badly I got trashed. Maybe there shall be a couple of GaTech students that will see that conservatives harbor ZERO hatred, they just want the government to protect our country and let us make money, like we always have.

Did I lose my shit? Nope. Did he respond? Nope.

As the imaginary mother of my many children would say, "RUDE."

Please take the time to comment.


Skunkfeathers said...

If it was actually a poly-sci class assignment, he got what he wanted, couldn't stand the heat when challenged, turned in his assignment and probably got a passing nod from his 'prof', and movedon.org.

Once he gets out in the actual working world, he'll have a chance to learn what his college profs decided it wasn't expedient for him to know.

Nothing about what you did was rude, unbalanced, or unfair. You gave him better than a conservative student would likely get from HuffPo.

classicaliberal said...

First and foremost, It's nice to finally meet you, Paul. My wife has been bugging me to get some moisturizer, you wouldn't mind sending some would you? /sarc

Second off, that kid had it coming. I think you were far more respectful than he deserved, but I'd expect nothing less from you. Maybe I feel a little bad for piling on that kid when he exposed his ass without a hint of knowledge to back up his premises, then again, maybe not.

Paul Mitchell said...

Ooo, Skunkfeathers, if I ever break my keyboard, I am going to write that HuffPo letter. It shall be awesome.

Thanks, CL. The moisturizer is in the mail. I think that covers two of the typical lies men tell actually. Think about it.

Naw, don't feel bad about the piling on, again, our young friend has no manners. RUDE.

classicaliberal said...

You caught me...

Andy said...

Yo TD: Nice to meet you!

For some reason I missed the big "throwdown" with the kid from Georgia. I was notified by some chick from Oklahoma that it got really "heated."

I guess my puter let me down...or, Paul blocked me off for a few days. Just saying...

I think that you were very civil, instructive, and did not lose your excrement at all. I just wish I had been in on the beatdown.

Oh crud! My word verification is "shinola"

ChristinaJade said...

The kid will learn, eventually. I hope he will anyway. I think it is just the mom coming out in me, but I'd like to give him THAT LOOK and take away video games for a month for not even responding to your letter. (works with Puddles) I had even followed his blog. gheesh. Maternal instincts be damned!

I really would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that classroom, though. I just can't help but think that the kid could have some potential, but he's going to have to learn some manners, and respect. When an olive branch is offered, he needs to take it and show appreciation.

classicaliberal said...

You caught me...