Monday, June 15, 2009

Forever Trying to Find the Bigger Picture

While studying any circumstance or situation, it helps me greatly to search for the underlying meaning of the outcome. For the past two years, I have been diligent in my spotting on the 100% failures of the Democrat Party and their polices, yet I have still NOT seen the major media outlets calling them on their debacles in our country.

Funny that back during the great migration caused by Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his philosophical brethren's attempted destruction of our American Dream, we witnessed many families pick up and move toward California in the HOPE of finding work and prosperity. Those folks left family homesteads throughout the prairie states devastated by obviously GLOBAL COOLING and headed west to continue the only lifestyle that they had ever known, hard work, accomplishment, and the desire to provide for their families.

Now, with the fourth iteration of LUNACY in politics, the offspring of those that had a work ethic are moving from the stupidity in California, back to the very areas that their forbears abandoned. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska, be forewarned, the REFUGEES are coming home to roost. Unless there are jobs and housing for these folks, your states are about to get inundated with folks that have been promised the world and only fled at the final moment their dreams were proven to be nightmares. Get the sheriff to run them off as quickly as they get there, IF they don't find work.

In related news, when Democrats invade, all bets are OFF. "Progress" is tearing down buildings and running businesses away from the area.

Here is a short video on Democrat "Progress."

Oh, and speaking of GLOBAL COOLING. Okay, the facts only. Remember, Al Gore's photo is next to ASSCLOWN in the dictionary.

While the federal government makes great strides in creating the National Religion of Islam, they have decided that they must abolish private property rights while doing so. It's a TWO-FER for Democrat PROGRESS!

Speaking of the New National Religion, the sister nation of the Obama Administration, Iran, has elected Barry's chosen candidate. ACORN must have gotten OUT THE VOTE. How in the Hell does one choose between TWO evils?

More ObamaFAIL.

With "healthcare" being the next industry that the Moron Obama Administration has decided to destroy, we simply must get a bunch of unemployable folks to go on television at night to talk about how great the plan is. Remember, nothing must stop the genius of Barry and his minions. If the television networks fired all of the stupid people, there would be no one on television.

In more "healthcare" news, Great Britain has offered up another in the long line of shitdouchery inventions. Stab-Proof knives. This is brought to you by the very same people that run DC these days.

My local friend, Conservative Belle, rolls out her once a month post regarding the Sarah Palin attack from David Letterman. Seems Dave did more than just insult Palin and her family.

Hey! Look! That perennial DUMBASS, Michael Moore, is rolling out a new agitprop vehicle about Wall Street. What is funny beyond all belief about Michael Moore is that he CLAIMS to be from Flint, Michigan and even still lives "THERE." Guess where the worst place in the entire country for lowest average income, highest unemployment, highest violent crime rate, lowest average housing costs, and the very place that the Fed is getting ready to bulldoze? FLINT, MICHIGAN. Coincidence? Hardly.

Success, folks, is stepping on the throats of morons like the Obama Administration and their ilk that hate our country and way of life. Get you some success, today!

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