Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Microsoft Continues Search FAIL!

Most of y'all are aware that Microsoft just rolled out its new search engine Bing. Today I received my first hit from Bing, "how meany people at the start of the world." Bing sent these misspell-y folks to the blog's front page.


Not only does the search engine NOT work, it also appears to NOT work EXACTLY like Live Search, Microsoft's last failed search engine. Here's the rub, Microsoft is NO LONGER the big boy in the computer technology world, yet dumb people STILL hate them, and at the same time, support the big boy, Google. People are just weird.

Let's check in on the humor and technology file, since we are laughing at Microsoft already.

While Microsoft is busy playing rover on the webbytubes softball team and kicking the ball around while runs score, Google is getting ready to snatch a hot one at third and turn the double play by giving us Wave. Here's six game-changing features of the Google infield.

While Microsoft is concentrating on doing more and more stupid things on the interblogs, they have made GREAT strides in video gaming hardware stuff. The Project Natal Motion Sensing Controller is flat out awesome!

The twelve weirdest Obama novelties.

And finally, the translated version of Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.

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that number 1 novelty? not on my Christmas list. That is just WRONG.

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