Thursday, June 18, 2009

The More Things Change

MUD posted on something that I was thinking about just yesterday as I moved files from an archaic storage system to a current one. Really, remember when Zip discs were all the rage? I had about 100 of them that I unearthed in my never ending quest to reduce my existence to the smallest possible quark. A buddy of mine actually still had a Zip Drive and graciously allowed me to borrow it, so I found a bunch of travel photos, college drawings and photos, and other stuff that I had not seen in years but flooded my mind with memories.

It seems that I am somewhat sentimental. I guess I did already know that, but daily I experience stuff that makes me just shake my head at the way things are. The more things "CHANGE," the more they stay the same. History repeats itself, yada, yada, yada. You know the drill.

As I get older and experience more, the thing that I notice is that I surround myself with people that are all basically striving for the same things. Despite the differences in ages, races, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, whatever, the folks that I bring closer to me are all seeking freedom, justice, success, and serenity. The different paths that they take are unimportant, they are all trying to get to the same place, ultimately.

I guess that is why Barry Obama, and those that are running our country, bother me so much. I look at the direction that they are taking our country and I KNOW that it is wrong because there are plenty of examples of the failure of their ideology and not a single one of its success.

Insert the obligatory reference to the definition of INSANITY right here. Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Read that again, please.

What we have in this country, and what we have always had in this country, is the ability for a voting majority to overwhelm the electorate and gain control of the country. This is by design and it is GOOD. However, when you have people that have never studied history, or do not understand cause and effect, you wind up with elected officials that are decidedly UNGOOD. Like we have in power today.

YES! Of course Hitler comes to mind, because his was the exact ideology that is running the show in our country today. I do not mean his ACTIONS, like gassing Jews or capitalists, I mean his philosophy and ignorance of historical FACTS and the flippant attitude toward the individual's desire for FREEDOM. Granted, Hitler was very willing to use military force to spread his ideology, but our current administration is not even willing to use military force to PROTECT our country from foreign invaders.

Now, half-way around the world, the Iranian people are having a SHIT-FIT for CHANGE and the Obama Administration will not even acknowledge the FACT that there is an uprising. We, as normal, freedom-loving individuals, should not expect him to care. The totalitarian government that is in charge in Iran is of the very same mindset that Obama holds dear. And please do NOT get the idea that the loser in the election could possibly be much better than what is already in charge over there, because he is NOT.

The freedom-loving folks are doing all that they can to get the message out of Iran by hook or crook. Rightwing Sparkle kinda nails the situation on the ground. It is shocking to me the extent of the effect and impact that technology can have on actual events. Zip Drivish, huh?

Malkin has more on the impact of Twittah in Iran.

Even though we SEE, with our own eyes, what certain behavior and ideology does to ACTUAL existence, we refuse to be moved from our current path. Insanity.

We can simply look around the world at countries that have tried the concepts, read the WHO Report, study historical records, and STILL try the same things regarding our medical services. What happens when the very people that are charged with upholding the First Amendment jettison all semblance of objectivity and allow their ideology to govern their responsibilities? Of course, NO NEGATIVE BARRY SPOKEN!

What does one have to abandon to completely fall at the feet of another and discard all sense of personal responsibility and pride? They lose everything. Our media is like twelve year old girls at a Jonah Brothers concert. That is why there are those that BLOG.

And our "leaders" loath those that are tasked with protecting us.

And they are certainly turning out the posts that point out what JOURNALISTS have become.

SERIOUSLY? Naw, no way. Cannot be true
. It defies all logic and understanding to think that there could possibly be a more idiotic idea in all of humandom. By the way, I think that the queen is just being nice to an obviously RETARDED person.

Just so you know, there are people in this world that tell the truth about what they are supposed to believe because of their accepted ideology. And they are unafraid to speak TRUTH TO POWAH.

Pet RACISM! This is even LESS than 3/5ths. (Hat-Tip: [Dead] Tommy 5)

Get on with it.

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ChristinaJade said...

It is my true belief that what we are seeing is a the skeleton being built for an entirely new form of Government. With every day, another bone is being added, and eventually a giant will emerge. If this "Goliath" is to be smacked in the head before it has a chance to truly stand, our "David" must be the people who support the Constitution and are willing to stand up in the face of the giant and do battle.

Paul Mitchell said...

CJ, we are going to be just fine at some point in the future. As usual, normal people are just going to have to drag the morons along until they wise up.

Jill, I am still trying to figure out if you are PRO-Iran. You were somewhat VAGUE in your opinion. (Dang, I like wimmen that get their back up about stuff.)

Anonymous said...

aww u know im waitin to sit around the campfire with em two dogs! all the leftards on twitter are just glowin green with excitement waitin to sing kumbayah with em! dontcha know they love us? glad we started buyin ammo before W left office we got a regular militia out here. Ready for the jihad yall?