Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whores Among Us

Clearly, we are being fed some misinformation by the Barrystream Media trying to say that South Carolina WHOREMONGER, Mark Sanford, is a Republican. WE see for a FACT that he is NOT.

What is my problem with the whole scenario? Well, Democrats again are gleeful over a terrible thing. You see, those on the left do not possess the moral faculties to understand what happened. Being an elected official CORRUPTS completely and no one with any moral fiber has the wherewithal to even contemplate running for public office. Only the most morally degenerate even desire to gain political power these days. Corruption is THE DAMN STANDARD. People with integrity are the EXCEPTION TO THE RULE.

Get a grip, Libtards, we have seen the enemy and he is YOU. Your ideology of moral equivalency has made great strides in destroying this country. Only one minor little problem, us normal folks are not falling for your philosophy. Own Sanford, he belongs to your side.

Andy is taking bets on the next governor to fall. Smart money is on Deval Patrick, Barry Obama's gay lover. By the way, if you want inside information on who is going to FAIL, check their religious affiliation, Episcopalians or Presbyterians are always the weakest. Wonder why?

To take a look at exactly what the left promotes on a daily basis with their ideology of passive-mindedness, one only has to look at the militant contingent of the moonbat philosophy. Only a group of people that are so utterly confused about who and what they are would get pissed at one of their own, who used their own terminology, and got BEAT DOWN FOR IT. Seriously, there is simply no explanation for this. Logic does not exist in their world.

When you are a typical moonbat, logic is your Kryptonite. You cannot make the synapses fire to complete even the most basic of equations. You must HATE women, children, the handicapped, and the talented, EQUALLY. Hate is the only true emotion felt by those on the left. That is the reason that for generations, the left attempted to keep BLACK FOLKS IN SLAVERY. Luckily, those of us normal folks had the good sense to elect some REPUBLICANS that forced through civil rights legislation, albeit in a very misguided way. (By the way, Celtic Diva is the OFFICIAL DNC blogger in Alaska. She IS the Democrat party, in other words.)

More Democrat ideology that has arisen, pay kids to not get pregnant. Folks, you just cannot make this ridiculous SHIT up. Only an absolute MORON would offer additional positive reinforcement for a NORMAL behavior like NOT screwing when you are NOT married. In layman's terms, Democrats are idiots.

But, I simply must agree with this reinforcement of behavior. Paying public school teachers to NOT teach. You see, only the dumbest and most worthless people ever go into teaching these days. The teachers unions have gotten to the very same point that the UAW has fallen. The ONLY thing that they are concerned with is reducing the amount of TEACHING success in public schools. Why is it, do you think, that a college education is IMPERATIVE now when a high school diploma would get you the very same VALUE in wages just forty years ago?

Democrats are also decidedly ANTI-SCIENCE by nature. They simply cannot accept anything as fact unless there is a government grant attached to it and they are complicit with the morons in Congress in spending our HARD-EARNED tax money on stuff that is a waste of time. Anthropomorphic Global Warming, which is now called Catastrophic Climate Change, is the new Darwinism and the money pit and poverty inducing ANTI-SCIENCE of the left. Here's some real science concerning the temperature of the Earth.

Do you know what is really weird? NICE weather in Arizona during the month of June.

Make no mistake, following the lunacy of the AGW crowd is neck-breaking. Those that profit from government grants are FORCED to follow the paths that their MASTERS desire. The money that our federal government spends on this hokum is specifically designed to remove your wealth and give it to their cronies. That is what government work does, PAYS FOR CORRUPTION. E-mail PROOF.

The next target is publicly financed "healthcare." Can someone please tell me what that word even MEANS? No, you can't, because it is not in any dictionary that makes sense. Here is the one from an online MEDICAL DICTIONARY: The prevention, treatment, and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well-being through the services offered by the medical and allied health professions.

Do you think that includes yoga instructors or aroma therapy folks? Of course it DOES. And at some point in the near future with the crumbling morality of those in charge, CHILD PROSTITUTION will be considered "healthcare" because those pedophiles are "ILL." It is the exact same premise. But, you know what the left thinks of medical services? They are exactly like SLAVERY.

I simply cannot resolve the leftist ideology in my brain. I am NOT crazy.

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ChristinaJade said...

I have to wonder if Fox put that "D" up there out of sheer HABIT or if someone in the control room was just out for a giggle...either way, it was funny as hell!

That thing with the public school teachers is all kinds of under my skin. I've been doing some reading on that little nightmare, and it is yet another shining example of how our money is being tossed into the garbage.

Anonymous said...

its more important to most to look politically correct and support ppl screaming and rioting in the streets of an enemy nation then to have the back of a few Americans who r speaking out here-if ppl got half that outraged abt the shit that goes down right here at home we might get that "change" they voted for, sadly its all abt how its said and not whats being said-no u not crazy the rest of them have just forgotten what is important in their quest to fit in and be invisible and that is just plain sad, maybe our enemies got nothin to worry abt they can just sit back and watch the US do itself in from the inside out

Paul Mitchell said...

It's CHICKS!!!!

Both of y'all are on my page. The government has allowed us to all line up at the top of the slippery slope and they are poised to push. That is IF we are not already careening down the hill.

classicaliberal said...

That Firedoglake post was hilarious! And the way all the Obamabots just swallowed that load, was pornographic.

There is no argument made regarding why health care is a 'necessity.' No, the premise is accepted and defended to rediculousness. Watching lefty's make asses out of themselves makes me hungry. Anybody up for ice cream? I fee like a 'puppy pop!'

Paul Mitchell said...

CL, I have never read a FireDogLake post that was NOT the epitome of insanity. I am pretty sure they do not exist.

And dang, that UPI article read like something that came from Tiger Beat with the DiFranco Family on the cover.

Neil Cameron (One Salient Oversight) said...

I live in a country with universal health care. It works. We like it. We are taxed more because of it but we still like it.

Oh, and society has not collapsed.

Just sayin'

Kayar Silkenvoice said...

Hey Two Dogs, you said:
"Clearly, we are being fed some misinformation by the Barrystream Media trying to say that South Carolina WHOREMONGER, Mark Sanford, is a Republican. WE see for a FACT that he is NOT."

Uhm -- you're accepting Fox's labeling of Sanford as a Democrat as proof that he's a Democrat? But wasn't he recently, as in, until last week, on the short list of viable Republican presidential candidates?

I am not a television watcher you know, and whenever I catch Fox News I'm always unimpressed. They don't accurately report the news (heck they can't even get labels right for public officials) instead, they report a wide range of more and more hysterical opinions.

I watch Fox whenever I want to be amazed by the sheer stupidity of people. Sweetie, do yourself a favour and don't rely Fox as your sole new source. Save yourself some embarassment and verify the fects elsewhere, first :)

Andy said...

"KR Silkenvoice"? Nyuk! Vanity on parade...

This is Andy "Mr. Universe." I'm gonna do myself a "favour (?)" Sweetie, and watch my boyfriend Keith Olbermann tonight on MSNBC.

He will have the REAL truth about what is going on in the world. I might even watch your boyfriend Chris Matthews (he just puts a tingle up my leg, Sweetie).

Paul Mitchell said...

OSO, I have a friend that lived down there for six years, he said the medical system in Australia is run by idiots. They flew home to buy aspirin.

HOLYSHIT! Where in the Hell have you been, KR? You know that I do not watch television at all, either. The photo was a joke.

However, even though Sanford IS a Republican, he is of the philosophical bent of the anything goes crowd, hence NOT conservative by definition. Conservative men do not cheat, they honor their word.

Andy, I friggin' swear, Kelly might be far left, but the Silkenvoice thing is the honest to God truth. She used to e-mail me her blog posts in a podcast a few years ago. IT WAS PORN, DUDE!!!!!

Kayar Silkenvoice said...

Hi Andy, congrats on being Mr Universe! That takes a LOT of work. I've heard that a lot of bodybuilders are closet gays -- It is nice to know that you are out and that your boyfriend is on TV. Lucky you, I bet he's cute.

I am dating a Chris but his last name isn't Matthews, and he's a rocket scientist, not a TV personality -- and while his intelligence sends a tingle up my legs, I some how doubt, if you're a body-builder who dates TV personalities, that he'd send a tingle up yours.

If you want to know what a silken voice sounds like, try my podcast. I didn't give myself that name. Someone else did :)

Paul Mitchell said...

Okay, children, DO NOT make me come back there.

Andy said...

Silkenvoice, I think I'll decline. With all due respect, people that can't decide which way to sway really creep me out.

I have much more respect for a full-blown fag than a swishy one that can't quite put their finger on what they are.

BTW, becoming Mr. Universe was not much trouble at all. Type it, and it's true! It was probably just as easy as it was for you to begin dating a "rocket scientist." Nyuk...

Two Dogs, when are you gonna get rid of this stinkin' "type in the odd-looking characters to post" deal? Just kidding...I understand.

Seems that the REALLY odd characters are commenting...

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, I ditched the word verification. Thanks for reminding me. It shall come back if the spamming starts again, though.

ChristinaJade said...

Comment threads over here are better than SOAP OPERAS. I suppose. I don't watch them, really.

Andy said...

Christina has a point. It does seem that the Blogger comments are much more "interesting" than the Haloscan.

Guess I gotta get over on this side more often.

TD, you really have attracted a queer bunch in your 46 years of blogging. (NOT looking at you Christina...)

BTW Christina, if you are reading this, I really enjoyed your post on Iran, and the old ugly insane Muslim broad walking on our flag. Good work. Very thought provoking. Attagirl!

Paul Mitchell said...

It is all about the conversation for me, y'all. All opinions welcomed, until it gets ugly, then it gets ugly fast.

ChristinaJade said...

Thanks Andy! I appreciate it...I really do! :)

Kayar Silkenvoice said...

Hi Andy, there is a friend of the family, recently home from Afganistan and medically discharged from the USMC, who summed up my political beliefs pretty well: "I'm neither Republican nor Democrat. Politically, I believe in individual liberty and personal responsibility on all issues at all times. This would qualify me for the "Libertarian" label except I think their belief that "government is the problem" is a cop-out. Let's be honest here. We're the problem. We are all savages competing for the better things in life and the only thing that keeps humans from tearing each other limb from limb are laws and government. If you want to live in a land without government move to Somalia--and see how long you last."

Paul Mitchell said...

According to the Continental e-mail I just received, I can fly roundtrip to Somalia for 58 dollars. Do you really want me to go there, KR? I'll take an wager on how long they last.

By the way, I do not need the Fed to keep me from tearing anyone limb from limb. Most of the time anyway, just DO NOT put foam in my latte and we are good.

Kayar Silkenvoice said...

I missed you, ol'boy :) Its way too, well, California, here in San Francisco. I moved here for love and I enjoy the weather and the beauty of the city, but people just don't seem to have the same grip on Reality that you do :)

Paul Mitchell said...

By 'grip on reality' do you mean stranglehold?

Skunkfeathers said...

I always get a kick out of the TD stranglehold on reality ;)