Saturday, July 25, 2009

AGW – Rise of the Horsepucky (A Guest Post)

This is the third in the Classical Liberal contract for posts for this mediocre blog. The contract had to be terminated because he is increasing the level of discourse here and we want to maintain our FIFTH GRADE READABILITY STANDARDS. (Please understand that at any time in the future, we might just stroll over to his place [or anyone else's] and just cut and paste without any credit given to the author. Because that is how WE FUCKING ROLL.)

When 'I Told You So,' Just Doesn't Go Far Enough...

What do you call a person, educated or not, who in the face of rising empirical data which suggests their stance on an issue, at a very minimum requires re-examination, and yet remains steadfast in their position? A fool! Does it matter if it is just one person staring in the face of evidence or 10,000? No! And yet, even with the reams and reams of research indicating that AGW is as real as the Tooth Fairy, they cling to their theory.

Make no mistake, AGW is the platform for which 'Economic Equality' and large aspects of Socialism have been built. Here's how I get there. If the very substance which plant life on this planet needs in order to survive, something we, ourselves, create as a by product of merely living can be classified a pollutant, the government gets to step in and regulate that substance. How does the government regulate anything? They appoint a bureaucracy to oversee any entity which manufactures that substance during the course of their business. They then assign punitive monetary values to the output of the substance. This, in turn, penalizes those companies who are in markets where this substance is a large by-product, and it penalizes those nations who are large generators of this substance.

The substance in question, is of course, Carbon Dioxide. The companies, in most cases are energy companies or agriculture concerns. The countries are the largest, most prosperous nations on the face of the earth. Why? Because they require more energy and agriculture to fuel their economies. So here is where the economic equality and socialism come into play. It's not fair that the United States of America is the most prosperous nation on the planet, therefore, the United Nations and those who are jealous of our prosperity can impose, through CO2 regulation, large punitive fines and damages which must be paid to the UN, developing countries or even multi-national corporations specializing in carbon credits or offsets, whose funds ultimately are spent or dispersed to these developing countries. Now you have economic equality, penalize the big guy, and force him to give some of what he's earned to the small guy. This concept is also known as 'spreading the wealth.' When you take money from those that have earned it and give it to those who have not, you get socialism.

It doesn't matter how many reports come out which state AGW is flat out wrong, or grossly inaccurate, some will continue to cling to it as if it were their religion.

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