Monday, July 13, 2009

And in SPORTS News from L.A.

(Dead) Tommy 5 brings this cliff-hanger from the annals of sports HISTORY of Lower Alabama.

While he was trying to incite a riot over alleged cheating in a local golf tournament, (Dead) Tommy 5 reports:

I tried, but I guess they didn't hear me. The whole argument started because a girl won the longest drive and the short mullet man thought everyone should tee off from the same box for the longest drive. The girl said she did and that she has hit from the white tees every since her grandfather died. I guess she did want him to be the only one hitting from the red tees??? Then it went from that to the whole team cheated. I was really wanting to see short mullet man and the dead man's granddaughter fight it out. I did win a door prize, 18 Dunlop golf balls.

And for the record, I think that the girl would have won the fight, too!

In case you have never played golf, hitting Dunlop golf balls is like hitting a concrete block with an aluminum baseball bat.

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