Monday, July 20, 2009

Democrats Bring the Awesome!

Since I grew up in Mississippi, I know from personal experience that Democrats run the show here. Remember, to this very DAY, both sides of our state house are controlled by Democrats, most all local positions are held by Democrats, and most people are registered Democrats. But, the national media continues to tell you that Mississippi is a Republican state. SKRANGE.

Anyhoo, Mississippi has one of the poorest areas in the entire country, the Mississippi Delta. It is really odd that the Delta is also some of the most fertile farmland in the world, yet has a very high unemployment rate. Another SKRANGE thing.

Just so you know, the Delta has ALWAYS been run by Democrats at the local level, state level, and even the national level. Yes, Barry won the Delta counties by landslides and the Representative is Bennie Thompson who is right up there with the DUMBEST people in DC. Oh, Bennie is also CHAIRMAN of the Homeland Security Clusterfuck in the House, because intelligence is eschewed in all forms by government.

Just so you can see the Democrats in their natural habitat, Conservative Belle posted videos of the Leland, Mississippi Board of Aldermen over at Doubleplus Undead. HOLY SHIT, you gotta see this!!!!!! The videos make the Dallas School Board look sane, NO SHIT.

Democrats are AWESOME I tell ya.

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Andy said...

Aaaaaaahhhh! Leland, MS...home of the Kermit The Frog Museum.

Paul, as you know, I worked the Delta (on both sides of Big Muddy) for several years. As you note, dems run the show...but I'll give the Mayor of Leland credit...and the officers, too.

If they'd have gotten any rougher, Al Sharpton, the "racist black nigger" (the Alderman's words...not mine) would have been down there with 12,000 protesters.

Man, such good memories of working the Delta...Greenville, Greenwood, Indianola, Vidalia LA, Lake Providence LA, etc. All fine examples of the prosperity that Democrat leadership brings.

classicaliberal said...

Annoying, but ineffective. Good work, Mala Brooks, you've got that asshat thing down!