Friday, July 24, 2009

Democrats Made Me Poorer Today

As most of y'all know, today the hourly rate for ignorant people was increased today to a WHOPPING $7.25 an hour. That is an increase in the cost of ignorant person labor from JUST YESTERDAY in the amount of 10.7 percent. IN ONE DAY!

MY SALARY did NOT increase since yesterday.

In preparation for the reduction of my wealth from the increase in ignorant person pay, yesterday I dined in the FINE ESTABLISHMENT aptly named McDonald's.

Just yesterday, my meal, the Number Four, the Double Quarter Pounder Meal was six dollars, ZERO eight cents ($6.08).

Today, I again dined at that fine establishment and again ordered the Number Four, the Double Quarter Pounder meal and purchased it for six dollars, seventy-five cents ($6.75).

Get this, the minimum wage rate was increased by 10.7% and my meal price was increased by 10.03%. WOW! So, if the person that received an increase in their minimum wage earnings buys the EXACT SAME THING, they (nearly) are WORTH THE SAME MONEY!!!

BUT! I am poorer. SHOCKER!!!!!

Now, you must understand another little tidbit that messes things up even more.

JUST YESTERDAY, there were some folks that were making SEVEN DOLLARS an hour, which was forty-five cents MORE than minimum wage. Today, they got a raise of twenty-five cents an hour to the NEW minimum wage, YET ARE LITERALLY WORTH LESS MONEY!!!!

Folks, Democrats are some FUCKED UP MORONS.

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ChristinaJade said...

Dude, you do NOT LIE.