Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rethinking My Personal Economy (and flat-out pimping)

I have decided to institute The Obamanomics in my personal life since the Smartest President in History™ says that his ideology is the greatest thing since a pocket on a tee-shirt.

Tomorrow morning, I shall hire forty attorneys and three hundred agitators to take twenty-one percent credit cards and pay off my low interest debt. Then, these people shall only pay the monthly minimum payment on those high interest credit cards. I think this is a really good plan, too.

Just so you know, I started reading HR 3200 (better known as QAHCAA) last night and got through 200 pages. Not once in this first 200 pages was anything related to reducing costs or increasing quality of medical care even mentioned. The only thing covered in this first 200 pages was penalties, taxes, and governing bodies that are able to audit bank statements and records of private citizens and businesses.

A tidbit, the only people and businesses that shall not be taxed to cover this RAPEFEST shall be those making less than 133% of the Federal Poverty Level and businesses that have less than 250K in payroll. Just for an example, if your cow milking business employs more than seven people making minimum wage, YOU ARE TAXED for this idiocy. IT UTTERLY SCREWS ANYONE TRYING TO BUILD A BUSINESS.

I stopped reading and started searching instead. Here are some startling facts about the Bill. The word 'doctor' is not in the bill at all. The word 'penalty' is included ninety-nine times. The word 'tax' 172 times. The word 'physician' 213 times. The Bill also includes a very extensive portion regarding 'home infusion therapy' designed to remove VETERANS from the hospital as quickly as possible.

Folks, this bill is NOT about improving medical services, it is about making a BIGGER BOONDOGGLE of obtaining those medical services that are necessary. Oh, and hiring attorneys and accountants to audit personal bank accounts and business records. OH YES!!! I can see how this is going to help something.

If you are planning on doing ANYTHING regarding medical, dental, or your health, you better do it RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW!!! If this passes, doctors, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and anyone involved in medical equipment manufacturing or sales shall be relocating as far away from the United States as they can get.

Remember, President Smarty-Smart says that this 1017 page shitstorm shall REDUCE costs and INCREASE choices. The reason he says this is because HE. IS. STUPID.

And, honesty is NOT something that is found near Democrats.

Here is a very personal account on why QAHCAA is a really bad idea.

A very personal account on why Barry is a moronic, racist TWATWAFFLE.

Uh oh, it seems that Kleagle Henry Gates is the typical Far-Left thief and liar. Oh, he is a friend of the Paper President, that explains things.

More on Gates and his sticky fingers and The Obamoron's BUDDIES.

We gotta pay for those Federal Gummint high interest rate credit cards somehow, you know. Selling a bunch of Treasuries can ONLY HELP!

A very thorough linkdump on the economy. Take some time to read this, please.

AND FINALLY, the crazy person continues to push the idea that the WHOLE Obama Birth Certificate kerfuffle started at this little mediocre blog as a joke. Just so you know, I prefer to be called a "Nirther" instead of a "Birther." I think that "Nirther" is supposed to be more demeaning in the hollowed out shell of a Leftie's brain and it gives me joy to know that they have no idea how to invent derogatory words. That is because they are idiots.

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Andy said...

Paul, ain't it grand to be quoted on the internet? Jeez Louise, how completely void of a sense of humor, or any understanding of irony or sarcasm (I ain't sure which it is) to miss the point. I vote "imbecile" on the denier.

This is probably beating a dead horse, but I learned a couple of things in the last few days about the whole birth certificate issue. If this guy is right, the Constitution establishes several different definitions of citizenship.

And there is more than one way to get a Hawaii birth certificate.

Like I said...probably going nowhere. But it pisses me off when anyone's Constitutional rights are violated...and when the Constitution is ignored for the sake of one (especially The One).

Paul Mitchell said...

Andy, you are our resident Binet Scale expert, since you think that the denier is smarter than I do, I defer to your expertise.

By the way, I do not think that if definitive proof was provided that Obama is an automaton created in the labs of Walt Disney, that we would remove him from office.

Andy said... got me revaluationing now Paul.

I might have to defer to "Idiot" status myself.

And I agree four million percent. The only thing that could get BozObama removed from office is if he finally has a total meltdown, pulls out a Camel, and calls Harry Reid "whitey" during the State of the Union address.

But then we have succession problems. Joe Biden was born on Uranus. Nancy Pelosi was hatched under a rock somewhere, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't have proof of which rock. Robert Byrd is obviously in the latter stages of Alzheimer's, and unable to serve.

That leaves us with Hillary. I never thought I'd say that "President Hillary Clinton" don't sound too danged bad!

classicaliberal said...

We, within the bloggging community, wish to bestow upon you, the '2009 Dumbest Trackback of the Year Award' Congratulations!